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About Us

European Business Angels Network is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor community gathering over 100 member organisations in more than 50 countries today.

Areas of Collaboration

At EBAN, we thrive on collaboration and the power of partnerships. We believe that together, we can achieve more and create impactful outcomes that benefit our communities, customers, and the world.

For Investors

We connect and support business angels, early stage investors, entrepreneurs and corporates throughout the world, with over 150 members in more than 50 countries today.

For Entrepreneurs

EBAN organises two flagship events annually, along with several smaller scale events, which offer entrepreneurs unequalled access to investors, coaches and support agencies.

For Partners

EBAN is committed to supporting the development of a strong European early stage investment ecosystem and partners with private, government and startup organisations to achieve this.

For Corporates

Are you ready to take your network and your business to the next level with EBAN? We offer Find and co-invest with angels in the hottest startups across sectors and stages and much more.

Why Choose Us
Know how

Constantly expanding on knowledge, experience, and expertise in all sectors related to investment


Being one of the leading organisations when it comes to angel investing in Europe since 1999


With over 7000 members, EBAN is one of the largest networks in regards to investing globally


Put the spotlight and attract investors to your ecosystem, share relevant news, stories & events.

Let's join forces to create something remarkable together
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Feel free to contact us under, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Regular Price for Angel Networks
1.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Networks
1.000€ per year*
*Networks with less than 200 members or less than 10M invested per year
Regular Price for Angel Federations
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Federations
1.500€ per year*
*Federations with less than 200 affiliated angels or less than 3 BANs, VCs, or syndicates be part of their network
Regular Price for Early Stage Funds
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Early Stage Funds
1.500€ per year*
*Early Stage Funds with less than 20M AUM
Regular Price for Funding Platforms
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Funding Platforms
1.500€ per year*
*Platforms with less than 20M Euros of transactions made