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EBAN is Europe’s leading early-stage investor network. We connect and support business angels, early stage investors, entrepreneurs and corporates throughout the world, with over 150 members in more than 50 countries today. We enable knowledge and best practice sharing and community building across different regions and sectors.

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Download EBAN’s Articles of Association to find out more about becoming a member.

Membership of EBAN provides the following unique advantages:

A worldwide network

Connect and build new relationships with business angels/investor groups in more than 50 countries. Be part of or lead EBAN Communities, which focus on different industries and regions, connecting like-minded investors and entrepreneurs to share deals, knowledge, best practices and network connections.

Access to exclusive events

Host or enjoy special access to EBAN Events. Have exclusive access to worldwide investor events, tech and startup conferences and high level policy meetings that will help you connect to latest market trends and new investment opportunities.

Education & trainings

Join the periodic workshops, masterclasses and webinars for investors that EBAN organises and learn how to invest professionally from our expert coaches.

Research & best practices

Stay on top of trends in the early stage investment market by accessing our Knowledge Center, statistical data reports, and monthly newsletter and gain insights by exchanging best practices with other investors.

Answers to your day-to-day challenges

Receive tailored support from EBAN: guidance on how to implement your initiatives, tips for organising events for business angels and growing your network, facilitation of direct connections with investors and innovation experts from all over the world.

Impact on the legislative and fiscal environment

Contribute to angel and entrepreneurship policy discussions on national, European and international levels. Receive EBAN’s support in furthering angel investment in your country.

Opportunities for your portfolio companies

Expose your portfolio companies to investors from around the world through EBAN’s events and specific initiatives like the EBAN Scaleup of the Month. Enable them to benefit from initiatives like our AWS Activate offer for startups.

Visibility in the early stage community

Gain visibility in the EBAN community by having your initiatives, news and events shared through our newsletters, our social media channels and our website, reaching more than 20,000 readers. Have your profile listed in the EBAN Membership Directory.

Access to Deal flow and Cross-Border Investment Opportunities

Access deal flow at EBAN’s Events and Scaleup of the Month webinars and take advantage of syndication platform Dealum and Dealroom

Membership Categories

Business Angel Networks
National or regional, commercial or industry sector networks that foster means of introduction between small / medium sized companies and private investors with market experience (business angels)
Special fee for small/emerging BANs (€1000/year)
Associate Members
Organisations which do not fit in full membership categories (networks, federations, accelerators, early stage funds, crowdfunding platforms) but have evident interest in the business angel industry.
Special fee for SMEs (€750/year)
Corporate Members
Special category that allows corporations to join the E-Xcelerator®, an EBAN group set up to develop a working alliance between Accelerators and Business Angel Networks across Europe, focusing on engagement and best practice
Network Federations
A number of business angel networks that decide to join and act as a group at some levels.
Special fee for small/emerging Federations (€1500/year)
Early Stage Funds and Seed Funds
Private equity firms and VC funds investing in seed and early stage rounds
Special fee for small/emerging Early Stage Funds (€1500/year)
Electronic Funding Platform
Platforms that enable a large number of people to provide money in small increments
Special fee for small/emerging Electronic Funding Platforms (€1500/year)
Business Accelerators
Highly competitive programs that include full mentorship and culminate in a public pitch event
Government Associated Bodies
National, regional or local public or semipublic organisms with support of the public administration
Business and Startup Incubators
Programs that help startups in their very initial phases to get the optimal conditions to grow
Chambers of Commerce
Local associations that promote the interests of the business community in a particular place.
Go Gold! (applicable to all membership categories)
2x the price of your category
Upgrade any category and get enhanced visibility with our Gold Subscription!
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Regular Price for Angel Networks
1.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Networks
1.000€ per year*
*Networks with less than 200 members or less than 10M invested per year
Regular Price for Angel Federations
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Federations
1.500€ per year*
*Federations with less than 200 affiliated angels or less than 3 BANs, VCs, or syndicates be part of their network
Regular Price for Early Stage Funds
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Early Stage Funds
1.500€ per year*
*Early Stage Funds with less than 20M AUM
Regular Price for Funding Platforms
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Funding Platforms
1.500€ per year*
*Platforms with less than 20M Euros of transactions made