EBAN Academy

Grow Your Wings with the Best in Europe & the World

On a mission to drive successful & responsible angel investing in Europe, EBAN Academy offers state of the art knowledge and best practices on how to professionally invest in startups as a business angel. Whether you are already investing or about to start your career, our educational activities are a perfect way to “grow your wings”!

Powered by the European Business Angels Network in partnership with our network of members, EBAN Academy brings to you four different initiatives for a tailored learning experience led by some of the most experienced investors in our community with the best in Europe and the world!

 Choose amongst the 4 EBAN Academy paths:

EBAN Accelerator

Apply for the worldwide unique EBAN Business Angel Accelerator and get an exclusive 5-day training session prior, during, and after the Annual European Angel Investment Summit, hosted in Brussels. Learn everything about angel investing and apply your gained in-depth knowledge by making your first investment in companies pitching during the event!

Registrations Coming Soon – get in touch with info@eban.org for more information

EBAN Explore

The EBAN Explore Programme is an opportunity to discover the local entrepreneurial and investment communities of a different European country each year, network with local investors and startups, and build relationships based on trust that just might turn into your next investment.

Registrations Coming Soon – contact info@eban.org to learn more!


Watch inspiring interviews with Europe’s best angels, self education webinars and workshops with best practices from across our community, sector and industry related talks to give you insights on how the future may look like, and so much more! By being a valued member of our community, you get access to EBAN TV as part of your membership!

Not a member, don’t worry! You can subscribe to our TV or join our association, whatever works best for you!

EBAN Specials

EBAN creates personalized training workshops on specific topics of interest related to early stage investment, leaning on its wide pool of expert mentors to share best practices and provide crucial know-how to new or future angel investors

Contact us to design an educational program tailored to you!