Template Documents for Investors

Benefit from ready-made termsheets, shareholder agreements, due diligence guidelines and other useful documents for business angels and business angel networks:

Template Termsheet for Ordinary Shares

EBAN is happy to share in the below link a template termsheet for the issue of ordinary shares. Template Termsheet

Shareholder Agreements – Guidelines and Example

A shareholder’s agreement regulates the relationship between shareholders in connection with the company’s business. The purpose of the agreement is to define the relationship between the different shareholders, their share of the undertaking, the management of the business, the disposal of shareholder rights and commitments, and to structure the mechanism in management of a company.

Due Diligence Guidelines and Template Document

Due Dilligence is an important stage in the investment decision process. It is realistically the last chance to spot that a potential investment has major problems and that as investors we should not proceed. Alternatively the due dilligence might identify serious weaknesses in the business, and lead to conditions on the investment to deal with

Template Articles of Association and Code of Conduct for Business Angel Networks

EBAN is very pleased to present to its members a template of articles of association for business angel networks and a code of conduct for business angel networks. These legal documents are essential for the running of a business angel network and will henceforth be of great help to our members. Are you about to

NACO Term Sheets

Below you will find the 4 term sheets produced for the NACO Common Docs project Common Shares A Common Share deal aligns founders and funders with the same class of shares, and fully negotiates all rights and terms in the Shareholders Agreement. It may be used at any stage of deal before a Series A,

Resources for Business Angels

EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources targeted to angel investors: 2014 Earn Money with SMEs (French) This guideprovides an  explanation on investment  in SMEs. It is presented and recommended as a resource for BAs, where you can answer questions like: What is an SMEs? Why and How investing in a small business? Seven Tips to enhance your

Resources for Business Angel Networks

EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources devoted to Business Angel Networks management. 2014 [private_Member Level] Code of Conduct for BANs proposed by EBAN’s Law & IP Working Committee [/private_Member Level] [private_Member Level] Articles of Association for BANs proposed by EBAN’s Law & IP Working Committee [/private_Member Level] 2013 [private_Member Level] Code of Conduct (EBAN) [/private_Member Level] [private_Member Level] Code of Conduct (UKBAA) [/private_Member Level] [private_Member Level]