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The EBAN Health is our Community active since 2018.
The EBAN Health Community brings together EBAN members interested in investing in health startups and/or learning about the market and investing trends in this sector.
With EBAN Health, we aim to foster knowledge and best practice sharing, and to facilitate connections between early stage investors from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

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  • Christine Bjarkby

    Senior Advisor at Lincs and EBAN Board Member

    Christine Bjarkby is a Senior Advisor at Lincs. Christine has a broad experience from business development worldwide from large public global companies to small start-up companies. Christine has previously worked with investments as a representative of Invest Sweden, Entrepreneurship Network (Enterprise Network for Startup ICT) and Connect. Christine is and has been a board member of several startup companies and is herself a business angel. Christine will join the board of NBAN from autumn 2017. Connect matches growth companies with capital and crucial skills and contacts. Connect’s network of more than 400 investors is spread all over Sweden. Connect works actively to develop its investment network at regional, national and international levels. Connect has a large flow of qualified growth companies seeking venture capital, arranging over 50 investment events across the country every year, as well as speed pitches and industry-oriented meeting places. As an investor, Connect Sverige members will have access to the digital marketplace GUST, where all the capital-seeking Connect companies are presented. Connect works to visualize the role of early growth capital in the ecosystem through debate articles, statistics and referral issues. Connect is a member of the Swedish Risk Capital Association and the European Business Angels Network as well as Nordic Business Angel Network.

  • Maria Hala

    Business Angel and Entrepreneurship Consultant

    Maria Hala is an investment professional and a supporter of angel investments. She has been concentrated in the expansion of the Greek entrepreneurial ecosystem and the establishment of local angel investment community. Maria provides mentoring and coaching in ventures at seed and startup stage of their investment cycle. Her ultimate goal is to contribute on their commercialization and help them find sources of financing. She is focused on four industries, namely medtech, agritech, fintech and tourismtech.

    Maria is a Senator for Greece of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), the global organization that supports startups’ ecosystem through engaging smart money angel investors, venture capitalists and policy makers. She is also an active member of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), the pan-European representative of the early stage investor community. Finally, Maria is a member of the Hellenic Spanish Chamber of Commerce and of MITEF Greece.

    Starting her professional career at the finance sector, Maria has gained her experience and her profound knowledge of the international capital markets through asset management positions, focused in active equity fund management and portfolio allocation. As a Certified Fund Manager, by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, she has spent 17 years as a member of Alpha Asset Management A.E.D.A.K., the subsidiary of Alpha Bank.

    Maria received an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, from Imperial College London Business School in 2014, whereas she has provided the first academic research over the profile of Greek business angel investors. She also holds an MSc in Business Finance from Brunel University, London and a BSc in Marketing from University of LaVerne, California.

  • Kevin Morningstar

    Venture Partner at Rockies Impact Fund

    Kevin Morningstar is s 35-year veteran of the medical device industry. A Colorado serial entrepreneur for many years, he co-founded Silverglide Surgical Technologies, Inc., a Boulder surgical instruments startup successfully sold to Stryker in a planned exit. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and currently consults globally in the medical device industry, digital health community, and startup ecosystem. Kevin is an active angel investor and member of Rockies Venture Club, where he serves as Screening Committee Chair and as a general partner in Rockies Venture Fund I and Rockies Impact Fund.

  • Caroline Sai

    Head of Angels Santé & Head of the Investor Network

    Caroline is of French-American background and educated both in the US and France. After a master’s degree in International Business, she gained extensive business and Communication experience in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. She is currently the Operations Manager of Angels Santé, the largest business angel network in Europe solely dedicated to healthcare and well as the Head of the EIT Health Investor Network operated by Angels Santé. This European network dedicated to equity investment in healthcare brings together Healthcare investors and pre-qualified healthcare European startups raising between 500 K to 10 M €. She represents Angels Santé on the EBAN Board.
    Caroline, who is passionate about early stage investment and the power of networking, is now based in Paris.

  • Robert Lugowski

    Managing Partner at COBIN Angels and Board Member at European Business Angels Network (EBAN)

    Robert, prior to founding COBIN Angels, held several managerial positions at tech companies such as Xerox, Hewlett-Packard and Atos. He supervised and was responsible for implementation of innovative projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, Egypt and Turkey.

    Robert graduated from the Carlson School of Management MBA program and the Warsaw School of Economics as well as individual intercollegiate studies at Catholic University of Lublin, Lublin University of Technology and Maria Curie-Sklodowska University.

  • Alain Pujol

    Board Member of Angels Santé/Angels for Health

    Alain PUJOL is a seasoned Business Angel having invested in 15 startups, he is a Board Member of Angels Santé/Angels for Health, specialized in Healthcare where he focuses on international relations. Angels Santé/Angels for Health is the largest Business Angels Network in Europe investing in healthcare companies (from Biotech to Medtech, Diagnostics, eHealth, etc). It is located in Paris, France and investing mostly in France but expanding to Europe. Alain is also the founder of APHC Consulting, specialized in open innovation. His expertise is in many therapeutic fields including Anti-infectives, CV, Diabetes and Oncology.

    Before APHC Consulting, Alain spent more than 20 years in international business positions (general management including medical affairs, marketing, sales, business development and market access) in large pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi and Aventis), in a biotech startup (CEO of Digestar) and in a specialty devices/pharmaceutical startup (VP Europe INO Therapeutics).

    Alain is an expert for EIT Health, an independent European Union body set up to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe
    Angels Santé is leading the EIT Health Investor Network which aims to connect European health-oriented investors and promising start-ups through cross-border financing and co-investments

    Alain is also a Board Member of France Angels, the French Business Angels networks federation (72 networks). He holds an MBA from Insead and graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris, France.




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