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EBAN is committed to supporting the development of a strong European early stage investment ecosystem and partners with various private, governmental and investor/startup organisations to achieve this goal. Interested in partnering with us?

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Partnerships with Corporates

Are you a corporate interested in the entrepreneurial and early stage investment ecosystem? Partner with EBAN to get access to experienced angel investors and quality startups and scale-ups.

EBAN partners with corporates through its E-Xcelerator initiative, which links angel networks with accelerators and corporations with the goal of supporting more scale-ups.

The E-Xcelerator’s main activity is organising Investor Days – one-day sector-focused events that provide market insights on a given industry and showcase the best startups from our community to later stage investors in Europe.


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Partnerships with Governments

Since 1999 EBAN has established a trusted and continued dialogue with European and national policy makers to improve the working environment of early stage investors and entrepreneurs alike. By inspiring fiscal and policy reform at EU and national Member State levels as well as by assisting public actors in setting up financial instruments and investment schemes to co-invest with angels, EBAN is committed to protect the interest of the early stage investment market and ensures the representation of this sector in front of all relevant stakeholders. Moreover, EBAN works with both public and private organisations to help them set up local angel networks, train and professionalise High Net Worth Individuals and business angels, and help develop local angel ecosystems in other ways.

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Partnerships with Events

Every year, EBAN partners with prominent investor and entrepreneur events throughout the world, collaborating with the organisers on different sessions or sections, or offering expert speakers for their programs.

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