Guides on Angel Investing

Learn about angel investing, business angel networks, evaluating early stage investments, and more by reading research from EBAN and our trusted angel network partners:

Discover Guide to Business Angels

Wondering how to protect your brand? This Discover Guide made by EUIPO in collaboration with EBAN will help you understand whether you have protection for your brand, and, if not,

Swiss Angel Investor Handbook

SICTIC, Swiss ICT Investor Club presents Swiss Angel Investor Handbook. This handbook is a condensed collection of wisdom from many successful angel investors, and will familiarize you with concepts of

NACO 2021 Report On Angel Investing In Canada

NACO is pleased to present the 2021 Report on Angel Investing in Canada, authored by world-renowned expert Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Glasgow. This report has

Shareholder Agreements – Guidelines and Example

A shareholder’s agreement regulates the relationship between shareholders in connection with the company’s business. The purpose of the agreement is to define the relationship between the different shareholders, their share

EBAN Report On Why Business Angels Do Not Invest

EBAN is pleased to present its latest research report focused on understanding the reasons why angel investors choose not to invest in early stage SMEs. The report, titled “Why Business

ACA Guide on How to Start and Manage an Angel Group

As more and more investors and communities recognize the benefits of establishing angel groups, it's important to have resources that ensure that they don't have to recreate the wheel. The

ACA Webinars, Articles and Podcasts on the Basics of Angel Investing

ACA in partnership with leading organizations, has created the Rising Tide Education Program, helping new angels discover the basics of becoming an angel investor with this unique collection of educational resources.

European Commission Report on Effectiveness of Tax Incentives for Venture Capital and Business Angels

The Capital Markets Union project (CMU) aims to strengthen the single market by deepening the integration of investment across the European Union. Improved access to finance is a key component

Anges Québec Capital Glossary

This glossary, produced by Anges Québec, contains original definitions as well as definitions imported from various sources. To that effect, Anges Québec thanks First Angel Network, GoTroo, National Angel Capital

NACO Term Sheets

Below you will find the 4 term sheets produced for the NACO Common Docs project Common Shares A Common Share deal aligns founders and funders with the same class of

A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns by NACO

NACO has announced the release of the first NACO Academy publication A Practical Guide to Angel Investing: How to Achieve Good Returns. Written by Dr. Steven A. Gedeon, the Guidebook is

Fostering Business Angel Activities in Support of SME Growth

EBAN is proud to present the Guidebook on “Fostering Business Angel Activities in Support of SME Growth”. Written by EBAN for the European Commission as part of a series, this

Guide to Finding an Angel Investment

SWEAT, NETWORKS, EQUITY – Guide to Finding an Angel Investment – has been written by Sami Etula, a sweat equity investor and active meber of Fiban, with the aim to

Resources for Impact Investment

  EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources targeted to impact investors: 2014                 Status of the Social Impact Investing Market: A Primer The

Resources for Business Angels

EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources targeted to angel investors: 2014 Earn Money with SMEs (French) This guideprovides an  explanation on investment  in SMEs. It is presented and recommended as a

Creating Your Own Angel Investor Group

A Guide for Emerging and Frontier Markets is a manual built from the Kauffman Foundation’s 2004 publication, A Guidebook to Developing the Right Angel Organization for Your Community , which

Investing in Private Companies – Insights for Business Angel Investors

This publication is the result of an agreement signed between EBAN and HBAN with the purpose of serving the organisations’ mutual goals of increasing the quantity, quality and success of

Resources for Business Angel Networks

EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources devoted to Business Angel Networks management. 2014 [private_Member Level] Code of Conduct for BANs proposed by EBAN’s Law & IP Working Committee [/private_Member Level] [private_Member Level] Articles of

A Guide to Help Evaluate Early Stage Investments