Annual Congress 2023

The EBAN Annual Congress is Europe’s largest and most recognized international business angel events. The Congress will include Investor Led Workshops, Keynotes, pitching sessions, round table workshops etc.

Enterprise Greece and EBAN will co-host the Congress o alongside HeBAN as an official partner. If you are interested in meeting hundreds of early stage investors from all over the world (and we know you are), register to secure your spot!

The Sum-Up of #EBANCork!

On behalf of EBANCorkBIC and InvestEU, we would like to thank all of our wonderful #EBANCork attendees as well as all our event partners and sponsors. Thanks to all of you, the EBAN Cork Annual Congress, the biggest angel gathering in Europe, became a place to reconnect, reimagine, reinvest for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Relive the EBAN Cork Congress

Past events:

Date  – Location

2000 – Brussels, Belgium
2001 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2002 – Dusseldorf, Germany
2003 – Milan, Italy
2004 – La Valetta, Malta
2005 – Paris, France
2006 – Prague, Czech Republic
2007 – Estoril, Portugal
2008 – Arnhem, The Netherlands
2009 – Madrid, Spain
2010 – Istanbul, Turkey
2011 – Warsaw, Poland
2012 – Moscow, Russia
2013 – Vienna, Austria
2014 – Dublin, Ireland
2015 – Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2016 – Porto, Portugal
2017 – Malaga, Spain
2018 – Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 – Helsinki, Finland
2021 – Online
2022 – Cork, Ireland

Host the next EBAN Annual Congress!

The EBAN Annual Congress is a pool of new ideas and trends, bringing together the world’s most eminent business angels, entrepreneurs and opinion makers, and enabling networking and deal making with experts in the field. We are delighted to offer our members the opportunity to host an edition of the Congress! Contact the EBAN Secretariat for more information.

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Eligibility criteria to host the Annual Congress:
– Membership with EBAN (reserved for: Network, Federation, Early Stage Fund, Associate, Accelerator/Incubator, Governmental Associate and Chamber of Commerce Members)
– Quality of the proposition in terms of content and organisation;
– Accessibility (location and cost of travel for participants);
– Leverage effect for the host near local/regional/national organisations and policy makers;
– Quality of sponsorship possibilities proposed
– Budget of the proposition and secured income/sponsorship.
– Previous experience in the organisation of international events and references