NACO Term Sheets

Below you will find the 4 term sheets produced for the NACO Common Docs project
Common Shares

A Common Share deal aligns founders and funders with the same class of shares, and fully negotiates all rights and terms in the Shareholders Agreement. It may be used at any stage of deal before a Series A, as long as valuation can be agreed on.
Read the full Common Share educational notes 

Series Seed Preferred Shares

This Preferred Share term sheet is sometimes also called “Preferred Light”. It is commonly used for a later and larger Seed round.
Read the full Preferred Shares educational notes

Convertible Loan

Convertible Debt is commonly used as part of the first financing of a company when valuation can’t be agreed on, or as a bridge ahead of a larger seed or Series A round.
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Canadian SAFE

The Canadian Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) is modelled after the Y Combinator SAFE. We have included a cap and a discount in this default template, and have also added a maturity date, as we believe that is more appropriate for the Canadian market.

Read the full Canadian SAFE educational notes

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