Resources for Impact Investment

EBAN has compiled an essential list of resources targeted to impact investors:



Status of the Social Impact Investing Market: A Primer

The market for social impact investments – investments made with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return – holds great promise as a tool to grow the economy and fund the provision of public goods. The practice of social impact investing has grown into a USD 36 billion market.

Click on the following link in order to access the full report on the social impact investment market written by Dr Maximilian Martin, Impact Economy, in June 2013.

The report first describes the landscape of social impact investing and defines the term. It then places social impact investing in the broader context of three mega-trends identified through the research, and at the end it gives a  look at the role different groups of  investors play in the market.


European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment 2012/2013

The EVPA relased the results of their survey about the European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment 2012/2013.

Dr. Lisa Hehenberger, Research and Policy Director
Anna-Marie Harling, Senior Research Associate

The purpose of this report is to provide independent data and raise awareness about European Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment. As long as this data collection has been run for three years, it is possible to star identifying trends and to analyse the evolution.