NACO 2021 Report On Angel Investing In Canada

NACO is pleased to present the 2021 Report on Angel Investing in Canada, authored by world-renowned expert Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Glasgow.
This report has tracked a cumulative $1.12 billion of angel investment.
Building differently means identifying and amplifying new voices and creating new systems and structures that provide entrepreneurs in all regions with the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Entrepreneurship can lift up entire communities by generating wealth, creating jobs, and introducing new innovations that provide a greater quality of life for our communities.
As the main source of capital for Canada’s entrepreneurs, angel investors are in virtually every community and play a vital role in the development of local entrepreneurial ecosystems by providing funding, mentorship, and access to client networks. Angel investors fuel the “scale-up” pipeline that flows into the venture capital industry by putting capital-at-risk in local communities.

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