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Masters of Angel Investing

is new. Drop by EBAN TV to say hello!

Introductions are in order

Hello everyone, meet “Masters of Angel Investing”, our original interview series on EBAN TV.

“Masters of Angel Investing” is about 3 weeks old (it was launched at the same time as our brand new video content platform EBAN TV) and it is all about interviewing and learning from some of the best business angels in all of Europe. “Masters of Angel Investing” is very excited to meet all of you and it is sure you will get along splendidly as you have many interests in common: angel investing, startups, business advice, entrepreneurship, and more. It thinks it can make lots of friends in the EBAN community – let’s prove it right!

Learn from the Best

The secrets of the success of Business Angels can be difficult to decipher – even for us. But not for “Masters of Angel Investing”. That’s why we decided to make part of the EBAN content and to offer it for free to all our members. It will introduce us to some of the best business angels in Europe, give us the opportunity to “meet” them through in-depth interviews and get insights into their business portfolio, investment decisions, and more.

In each episode “Masters of Angel Investing” will welcome our VP Selma Prodanovic and one Master Angel who will share with us their best business advice, investing tips, and more! Every Tuesday afternoon a new episode will be dropping on EBAN TV and a new opportunity will open up for all of us to become more angel investing – savvy.

Here are some secrets master business angels have shared with “Masters of Angel Investing”:

“As a very early stage Business Angel, we are the future. We are the shifters; we want to be the change makers” – Annette Nordvall

 “The best startup founders are the ones who get things done to deliver results. This mindset should be part of any company culture” – Nikolaus Bayer

 “As a business angel and an innovator I have learned a very important thing, if you do not change yourself, you will be changed. Change or be changed!” – Nikolaus Futter

 “It is important to know how to listen and build bridges when startups come to us. This is my approach”. – Lurdes Gramaxo

But if you happen to miss out on an episode don’t fret, it does not mean you missed out on the knowledge!  “Masters of Angel Investing” is here for you and will stay on our platform where you can watch it again and again – all you need to do is be registered for EBAN TV. If you are wondering how you can do that, click here read through, and no question will be left unanswered!


Watch our “Masters of Angel Investing” (for free 🤩)

You can get to meet our “Masters of Angel Investing” for free if you are an EBAN member (for the special code contact your local organisation or us at or thanks to your free trial if you are not an EBAN member (and if you are on the fence about signing up for it, it is a hard YES from us). Our bet is after your free trial you will be so charmed by “Masters of Angel Investing”, you won’t want to miss the coming episodes so let us tell you up front that yes, you can absolutely sign up to watch all coming episodes as well as all of our other exclusive content with an annual or a monthly subscription. Up to you!


Binge – ready episodes:

Episode 1 with Leena Niemistö, Finnish BA of the year 2016

Episode 2 with Nikolaus Bayer, German BA of the year 2020

Episode 3 with Nikolaus Futter, Austrian BA of the year 2020


Watch them now!


Episodes to look forward to:

Episode 4 with Enrico Chiapparoli, Italian BA of the year 2020

Episode 5 with Claus Hansen, Danish BA of the year 2020

Episode 6 with Jane Walerud, Swedish BA of the year 2020

Episode 7 with Tom Horsey, Spanish BA of the year 2020

Episode 8 with Lurdes Gramaxo, Europe’s female angel investor of the year 2020

Episode 9 with Ragnar Sass, Estonian BA of the year 2020

Episode 10 with Anette Nordvall, Swedish BA and Impact Investor

Episode 11 with Fausta Pavesio, Italian BA of the year 2015

Episode 12 with Pawel Kastory, Polish BA of the year 2020

Episode 13 with Janne Jormalainen, EBAN President


Master Business Angels can teach us a lot, but you don’t need to be one to know that this series has a very high return on the time you will invest. 😉


This series is sponsored by TheCapitalNet.

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