EBAN TV, THE Video Platform for Angel Investors is Here!

EBAN TV is here!



All of us at EBAN are very excited to be able to offer a new one-of-a-kind service to our community of valued members but also to the general public: EBAN TV, our brand new and unique video platform dedicated to angel investing content. We can imagine you can’t wait to find out more about EBAN TV, what you can watch on there, and mainly how to sign up (we get it, we would be wondering too!) and in this article you will find all the answers you need.

And did we mention it’s free? Because it is!

What is EBAN TV again?

Short answer: Think Netflix for angel investing content.

Long answer: EBAN TV is a video platform like many others such as Netflix or Hulu but with one distinct difference that makes it the only one (and first!) of its kind: All of the content on EBAN TV is related to angel investing, startups, business angels, and adjacent subjects. This new platform is your ticket for a deep dive in all things angel investing, all you need to do is sign up (and yes we know this is the big question here, we will get to how you can do that).

Why…is EBAN TV?

Short answer: Thanks to you, our members, and for you, our members!

Long answer: Our community inspires us to become better and to lead by example every day. Thanks to the inspiration you offer us, we decided to take this big step and create a new video platform with original content to give back to all of you, our members. Now we would also like this platform to be “by you”: We would love to host angel investing video content you might have and to make EBAN TV a place where the entire community can share videos.

What can I watch on EBAN TV?

Short answer: Imagine the best angel investing content. Now make it 10 times better. That’s what we have on EBAN TV.

Long answer: We offer a very large selection of videos, be it workshops, webinars, past events or many others, but we know which ones are going to catch your eye: The first few episodes of our original exclusive series “Masters of Angel Investing” (as its name suggests, a series of interviews with some of the best European business angels)  are already out and you can expect a new one every week. Intrigued? Read more about our “Masters of Angel Investing” here.

How do I sign up?

Short answer: Click here, follow the instructions, and boom, you’ve signed up for EBAN TV. Enjoy!

Long answer: EBAN TV is first and foremost a way for us to give back to our community of valued members. So if you are an EBAN member you can sign up with the code that your local organisation can provide you with and watch the best angel investing content for free! However we still want to offer our amazing content to a wider audience. This is the reason we have put in place a free trial for non members – it includes the first two episodes of “Masters of Angel Investing” so don’t think about it too much, jump on the opportunity – and a monthly/ annual subscription model. Whichever way you choose to join us, you are welcome!