Template Articles of Association and Code of Conduct for Business Angel Networks

EBAN is very pleased to present to its members a template of articles of association for business angel networks and a code of conduct for business angel networks. These legal documents are essential for the running of a business angel network and will henceforth be of great help to our members.
Are you about to launch a Business Angel Network? Download here below our suggested template articles of association and code of conduct for your BAN!

Articles-of-Association Template
Code-of-Conduct Template

Both documents have been produced by EBAN and reviewed by the EBAN Law Committee consisting of Şafak Herdem that has a broad legal background in corporate, business and finance law in global market and is acting as managing partner of Herdem & Co, Alexander Korenberg from Kilburn & Strode LLP who counsels start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporate clients on all aspects of patent law and Dr. György Halmos that is a creative legal counsel, with solid privacy knowledge and experience and working as managing director at Help2StartUp.
The articles of association is part of the network’s constitution and defines for example the kind of activities to be undertaken by the network, the responsibilities of the board of directors and the secretariat and the rules regarding membership. This is a key document to be able to set up a business angel network.
A code of conduct is a document that outlines the behavioral and ethical framework of the business angel network and should be used as a guideline for the members of the business angel network to make sure that they conduct their business in accordance with the mission, values and principles of the business angel network. Consequently, a code of conduct is a necessary document to assure the smooth functioning of a business angel network.