Watch this Space: “Funding Space Forum”

Watch this Space: “Funding Space Forum”


Our  “Funding Space Forum”, in cooperation with EUSPA and the Cassini Initiative, took off 🚀 early last week with 100 starry-eyed attendees as passengers! The discussion orbited around the opportunities the EU is creating for companies to grow and be competitive on an international level.

The stars of the event were our dazzling speakers, Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development at EUSPA  who presented the current activities and future plans from EUSPA to support space-tech entrepreneurs in their effort to concur the final frontier; Tomas S. Jonsson, Team Leader CASSINI initiative, European Commission, DG Defence Industry and Space, who revealed everything under the sun in terms of relevant steps implemented by European Commission and what space-tech companies can expect; Uli Fricke, CEO Triangle Venture Capital Group, CEO FunderNation and Rob Desborough, Managing Partner Seraphim Space Fund, CEO Seraphim Space Camp, who shared with the audience breath-taking achievements by European space-tech companies who shot for the stars thanks to private investors and funds; and our beaming moderator, Fabrice Testa, Co-chairman Luxembourg Space Tech Angels and EBAN Space Chairman.

Our five selected space-tech companies were all out of this world but the investor jury gravitated toward the rising star company “Lympik”. We are over the moon for them and can’t wait to see them pitch at our Annual Congress in Cork!

We were starstruck with Justyna Redelkiewicz, Head of Sector Consumer Solutions, Market and Technology at EUSPA, and her closing speech encouraging entrepreneurs to launch their business with the support of European institutions. EUSPA is most welcome in the EBAN universe where space-tech companies and angel investors share the skies! Together we can shoot for the moon!

We thank our lucky stars for having such brilliant partners and participating companies. To keep up to date with future events, all you have to do is follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter – it’s not rocket science!