Uniting for Success: How EBAN Members Are Strengthening the Nordic Ecosystem

At the gathering of EBAN members from the Nordic countries, held at GOWEST on February 8th, 2023, EBAN President Janne Jormalinen emphasized the importance of the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA) and other Nordic BANs in the Swedish investor ecosystem. With insights from Annukka Mickelsson and Peter Sandberg, Board Member of FIBAN and Member of DANBAN respectively, it was clear to see the initiatives and effort that have been taken to strengthen Nordic BANs.

Claes Mikko Nilsen, former chairman of the now defunct NORDIC BAN, shared his experience in the discussion. Subsequent conversation then shifted to the Swedish investor ecosystem, with Magnus Ericsson from STOAF, Andreas Grape of Nordic Angels, and Joanna Törngren Redebrant, founder of Nyfikna Inversterare, offering their knowledge.

The conversation was constructive and inspiring, with the members of EBAN discussing ways to collaborate to build a stronger investor ecosystem that promotes cross-border investments. The discussion highlighted the need for better coordination among Swedish angels. By working together, the Nordic countries can create an environment that works in favor of investors and spurs economic growth and prosperity in the region.

Notably, diversity was a key focus of the meeting. EBAN members proposed measures to extend the scope of SVCA to include smaller investors, such as students and self-funded investors, while also supporting women investors. The importance of an open and encouraging atmosphere that promotes collaboration between the Nordic countries was also highlighted.

In the end, the meeting concluded with a shared commitment to collective effort to ensure the success of the investor ecosystem in the Nordic countries. Through collaboration and cooperation, the EBAN members aim to create a more prosperous and secure environment that is beneficial for both investors and the Nordic countries. The future looks bright for the investor ecosystem in the region.