The Sum-Up of #EBANCongress!

The 2023 EBAN Annual Congress in Thessaloniki brought together 500+ angel investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from around the globe to explore the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the startup ecosystem. From insightful sessions and workshops to engaging keynotes and cultural activities, the Congress had it all!

Key Takeaways from the 2023 EBAN Annual Congress:

  • Gender Inclusivity in Investing: The Congress placed a strong emphasis on the urgent need to address gender biases within the investment landscape. Throughout multiple sessions, speeches, and panel discussions, the topic of creating more opportunities for women in angel investing took centre stage. Gender-diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams in various aspects, including decision-making, innovation, and financial returns. Lars Rasmussen, the co-founder of Google Maps, shared his insight during the Congress, highlighting an interesting correlation in his portfolio. He observed that when teams were solely composed of one gender, the performance was weaker compared to diverse teams. This correlation raises the question: is it merely a coincidence? By actively addressing the gender gap, the event aimed to cultivate an investment ecosystem that not only promotes fairness and social justice but also harnesses the power of diverse perspectives and talents. The integration of gender equality in investing not only drives innovation but also fuels sustainable economic growth, benefiting both individuals and the wider society.
  • Soft Skills Count – Empowering Entrepreneurs: By presenting risks as opportunities and emphasising the importance of soft skills such as determination, tenacity, and drive, the #EBANCongress sessions and workshops aimed to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the early stages of their ventures and attract investment. This emphasis on soft skills acknowledged their crucial role in building relationships, inspiring confidence, and fostering the growth and success of startups.
  • Invest in your Network: The event highlighted that investing in your network is a strategic move that can yield significant benefits in both personal and professional spheres. Building and nurturing meaningful connections with diverse individuals can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and invaluable support. Networking allows you to exchange knowledge, gain fresh perspectives, and stay updated on industry trends. In today’s interconnected world, recognising the value of investing in your network is a powerful step towards unlocking a wealth of opportunities and achieving long-term success.
  • Cross-Border Investing: The Congress highlighted the immense potential for angel investors in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) and SEE (Southeastern Europe)  regions and also brought attention to the vast opportunities for angel investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, focusing on fostering cross-border investments and collaborations. In addition to highlighting success stories and sharing strategies, the event provided a global perspective by incorporating trends and views from influential investors and experts in the United States. This global outlook emphasised the importance of expanding investment horizons beyond traditional markets and exploring emerging economies. The Congress aimed to create a more interconnected and dynamic investment landscape that leverages the potential of diverse regions and drives innovation on a global scale.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Multiple sessions delved into the importance of fostering innovation and sustainability within the startup ecosystem. Discussions centred around EU programs for startups and angels and public and private initiatives supporting research and development. These conversations emphasised the role of responsible startups in driving positive change.

Congratulations to the EBAN Award Winners



The EBAN Gala and Awards Dinner was a unique occasion filled with networking, inspiration, and the recognition of the remarkable individuals who are the heroes of our community! We proudly announce this year’s EBAN Awards winners, who have demonstrated exceptional achievements and contributions to the angel investing ecosystem. Join us in congratulating:

🏆 Best new EBAN Member: Axel – Georgian Business Angel Network in Georgia received by Iro Tsagareishvili

🏆 Best performing member – Danish Business Angels – DanBAN in Denmark received by Jesper Jarlbæk

🏆 Best European angel of the year – Rene de Jong, from AEBAN – Asociación Española Business Angels Networks in Spain.

🏆 Special recognition award: Prof. Panayiotis KETIKIDIS, BSc, MSc, Ph.D. from HeBAN – Hellenic Business Angels Network (Association) for being a gamechanger for Greece’s angel and startup community

This year, we also introduced a new category of awards to acknowledge the valuable research conducted to advance angel investing. We are delighted to recognise the following winners for their exceptional contributions:

🏆 Best PhD Business Angel Thesis: Nicola Carta – The Interplay between Angel Finance and Other Sources of Funding for Entrepreneurial Companies

🏆 Best Master Business Angel Thesis: Jordy Burggraaf – Business Angel Perception: a Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Syndication on the Match Between Entrepreneur, Venture and Business Angel

🏆 We also recognised all the companies that won our pitching competitions during the event. Check out the #EBANCongress winners and give them a round of applause:

EBAN Syndicate is now launched!

We are delighted to announce that a syndicate of cross-border angel investors is forming to invest in one or more of the best companies that came to our congress. To find out more and join this opportunity, please contact us at

And the Next Destination of the EBAN Congress is…

As the curtains fall on the Thessaloniki edition of the EBAN Congress, we eagerly anticipate the next Congress destination: Tallinn, Estonia. In partnership with EstBAN, the 2024 EBAN Congress promises to continue the excellence, knowledge-sharing, and networking tradition.

Tallinn, a city known for its vibrant startup scene and digital innovation, will provide a fertile ground for attendees to explore the latest trends in angel investing and connect with like-minded professionals. From angel investor workshops to captivating keynotes, the Congress will offer a platform for learning, collaboration, and exchanging ideas.

Mark your calendars and join us for the 2024 EBAN Congress in Tallinn as we continue to push the boundaries of angel investing, support startups, and shape the future of the global startup ecosystem. But if you can’t wait until then, catch us later this year in Brussels on 10-11 October for the European Angel Investment Summit!  

Thank you to everyone who made the EBAN Congress in Thessaloniki a resounding success. Thank you to the co-organizers Enterprise Greece SA, event partner HeBAN – Hellenic Business Angels Network, and all other collaborators: egg – enter.grow.go, CapsuleT Accelerator, Beyond Expo, ICEX , RRIstart, Bionanopolys, SPREAD2INNO Project, ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ / Athens Macedonian News Agency,,,, and Kefalaio. Together, we have built connections, shared knowledge, and embraced the spirit of collaboration that defines our vibrant community.

See the photos from the event here