The State of Nordic Impact Startups

Danske Bank has published The State of Nordic Impact Startup a report on The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) that are set by the United Nations and adopted by 193 nations – including the Nordic countries. The SDGs represent a wide range of market needs, from energy solutions to food production and medical services. Danske Bank has identified 647 Impact Startups from The Hub and +impact, two online community platforms.

Danske Bank’s findings indicate that Impact Start-ups are following similar patterns as other start-ups. They focus on top-line growth but struggle to make a profit. Financial performance seems to improve as Impact Startups mature in age. In addition, we see that the Energy market represent 63% of the profit pool. 21% are exploring business opportunities in developing markets. In average only 14% of Nordic Impact Start-ups are led by women. 82% of Impact Start-ups seem to be aware of their impact as indicated by their use of impact statements on their website. Read on and find more details inside the report.

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