The open database for university spinouts

June 2022 database release

The database is publishing its raw survey data, in order to level the information playing field for spinout founders who often enter negotiations not knowing what to expect.

The database includes 143 unique entries from 71 universities from around the world.

  • 47% of the universities are based in the UK, 37% in Europe, and 11% in the US.
  • 41% of the spinouts raised Seeds, 17% raised Series As, 2% raised Series Bs, 15% were pre-funding, 3% no longer exist, 3% IPO’d, 7% exited via M&A.

The universities covered by this survey include: Stanford University, Harvard University and Columbia University in the US; Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL in the UK; ETH Zürich and EPFL in Switzerland, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, and many more.

The spinouts in the database cover a wide range of products, which we summarised into 6 categories: Software, Hardware, Therapeutics, Materials, Medical, and Diagnostics.

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