The Greek Startup Industry: Investments and Exits, 2010-2020

Marathon Venture Capital are providing evidence that the network of Greek entrepreneurs and technologists is consistently growing and its underlying value is increasingly materializing. By various accounts, the Greek startup industry has now reached an inflection point, triggering a virtuous circle.

The Greek Startup Industry: Investments and Exits, 2010-2020 is a publication documenting the industry’s evolution, focusing on the facts. Such include, among others, investment figures and related statistics. Marathon Venture Capital has made an effort to track every single technology company with a Greek founder –our definition of a Greek startup– that raised an investment round and/or completed an acquisition or IPO since 2010.

Their inputs include publicly available sources such as Crunchbase and media publications, together with proprietary Marathon data. While there most probably exist more cases they did not manage to capture, they believe this is the most extensive research on Greek startups published to date. For the first time, Marathon Venture Capital are also sharing a full list of such publicly available data in spreadsheet format, hoping that opening up such a resource to the community will spark further interest and create more opportunities in the space.


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