New EBAN Member FASE Introduces New Initiative Impact Fire Talks

Join FASE by the fire, kindle the flame of curiosity, enjoy a very unique online event – and even have a blind “date” – Impact Fire Talks are here for you, and FASE, for one, cannot wait to see you all  #socialentrepreneurship #buildingbridges #onlineevent #joinus

We would have never thought it possible, and yet, many of us are reaching that point – we miss those networking sessions, those quick cups of coffee to chat about a partnership, and the provocative debates that made us wonder if we are finally moving from talking to acting, to making plans become a reality… If you miss it all, join FASE around the fire on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of April, for the Impact Fire Talks!

FASE promises a truly interactive gathering of like-minded investors. Not only will you have the possibility to chat (on Zoom) with kindred spirits and people with whom you have not had a cup of coffee for the longest time, but really wanted to, we bet you will enjoy some incredibly specific and “to the point” debates. They will have a short panel to kickstart the conversation, but we are opening the floor to anyone attending to engage – we count on you to take the lead!

You are invited to debate about topics such as how to unleash vast amounts of untapped capital for impact, or the role of co-investment funds in mobilizing finance for scalable ventures, or what are the secrets of building a happy marriage between direct investors and the crowd. And if you want to brainstorm other ideas and meet the new (and old) kids on the block in the impact space, join FASE’s blind dates, daily at 1.30pm! Let your spark show and kindle a new kind of fire!

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