Meet Alvicus, the Company that Ensures Higher Returns by Investing in Women

By Désirée Dosch, Managing Partner & Owner Alvicus AG

Who we are and what motivates us to get up every morning

Alvicus AG was founded with the aim to support companies in moving their business forward to the next level. We are a team of professionals and passionate entrepreneurs who believe in diversity & inclusion as fundamental requirements for sustainable growth.

Our goal is to make the economy and businesses more successful by investing in women which are still one of the demographic groups with the most potential.
We do so with our two main services; With our Consulting service, we advise established corporates on the right strategy to achieve sustainable and profitable growth by focusing on the needs of female customers. With our Company Building service, we focus on female-founded startups by helping them to unlock their operational & strategic potential.

Get to know us – Désirée & Manuel

We are two passionate entrepreneurs with diverse education and professional backgrounds, complementing skill sets, and sharing one common goal.

Désirée Dosch is an expert in segment & growth strategies with a conscious focus on the needs of female clients and business founders as well as the clientele of tomorrow. With more than 15 years of international professional experience in segment & growth strategies, business development, marketing, and communication, Désirée makes valuable contributions to female startup founders and recognized corporates throughout Europe and Africa. 

Manuel Eppert is an expert in the implementation of complex topics.

He is an entrepreneur in various management positions with over 20 years of experience in financial services, regulation & IT. Manuel has a strong focus on growth strategies & decoding complex requirements into concrete tasks to ensure the stability of a company. He has created an impact in multiple startups as well as established companies in Europe, Africa, and South Asia.

Interesting facts about us: 

  • We have known each other for +14 years
  • We have founded 3 companies together
  • We have created +20 jobs
  • We have invested CHF +500k
  • We are doing business together in +6 countries

A glimpse into what drives us

One of our most recent commitments was our contribution to a three-month program organised by Seedstars in support of women entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. The participants in this program were more than 100 hard-working women with businesses ranging in development from idea to more or less established operations. 

Désirée led a workshop as part of the curriculum and she also supported a cluster of the participants as an EiR and mentor for the entire duration of the program and beyond.

Our strong focus on supporting and investing in female founders does not stem only from our passion for gender inclusivity and equality. We are also driven by hard facts: 

  • Female-founded companies receive only 1.2% of all European VC investments.
  • For every dollar invested into female-led companies a 2x higher return is being achieved.
  • Firms with strong female management board are more likely to outperform their peers.

Some of our success stories

Among our brightest success stories so far are GuideCare – a health-tech startup offering expert care consultations fit for the digital future and SmartPurse – a fin-tech startup offering financial education to women.

GuideCare uses web-based technology to enable healthcare consultants to connect with care recipients. The matchmaking process is based on a selection of criteria and the combinations offer the highest level of value-added to each consultation. 

SmartPurse’s fintech platform helps women to gain extensive financial education and to better understand, plan, and manage their personal finances at every stage of their lives. 

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