Launching Lessons (L)earned – Episode 1 featuring Peter Cowley


Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others. That is why EBAN is launching Lessons (L)earned, the podcast on angel investments that did not quite go as planned – or to be quite blunt, our podcast on angel investing failures!

For the first episode we are glad and honoured to be joined by EBAN president emeritus, Peter Cowley (he/him), whose book, the Invested Investor served as the inspiration for this format!

Peter Cowley is not only our own President Emeritus but also chair of Cambridge Angels and Board Member of GBAN and a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and author known for his significant contributions to the startup and investment ecosystem.

In this first episode, part of our “Lessons (L)earned” edition, Peter discusses with EBAN the mistakes made in angel investing and the lessons he (l)earned thanks to/ because of these angel investing failures. He also shares with us his personal journey that will be further explored in his upcoming book “Public Success, Private Grief” ( where Peter will disclose his many fights over the course of his life and how they’ve forged him to become the positive and giving person he is today.

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