Leapfunder: An International Business Angel Club

By Tienko Rasker, CEO & C0-Founder at Leapfunder

Leapfunder is the first truly international angel club that’s fully online. It aims to introduce startups to an extensive angel network and help them find financing.


There is enough capital out there for every good idea. By offering the largest angel network in Europe and a standardized investment structure small investments become possible. There is power in syndicating and smaller investors can still bring together a very significant starting capital. An investment typically starts from as little as €5000 per investor. Portfolio management can be handled online.

We are committed to making Europe a single market for startups. Our online approach has made it possible for startups to work with investors from across Europe. Our investors may sit in one country, but their portfolios could be anywhere. In the beginning, we weren’t sure whether investments would be possible without face-to-face contact, and we weren’t sure about cultural barriers. All that seems to have melted away, especially over the last few years. International syndicates are now the new normal.

An analysis of the returns of our long-term business angels shows that the average return is well above 20% per annum. We’ve created a new class of regular angel investors. They are achieving good returns and fueling innovation. Good returns are not only driven by spectacular success stories, but also by well-executed ordinary startups that still achieve 5-15x return for their early investors.

Tienko Rasker is the co-founder and the current CEO of the company. At Leapfunder, he led the structuring of just under 200 seed investment rounds. He was active within the venture capital arm of Philips Electronics for years and was involved in building and divesting a.o. Sapiens Neuro and Shapeways. During this period his focus area included all of Europe and the U.S. He was also a mentor and jury member at the business plan competitions of Stanford,

M.I.T. and Cambridge. He got his basic training as a strategy consultant, where he specialized in complex M&A situations. Tienko is Dutch and he holds undergraduate degrees in Physics and Philosophy from the University of Oxford and an MBA from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.

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