Join the 3rd e-Pitch session of the Tunisian community INVEST’I on EuroQuity


INVEST’I is the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem on Bpifrance EuroQuity, connecting promising Tunisian start-ups with high potential for internationalization and growth with local and international investors.

Thanks to its qualitative approach, INVEST’I selects 4 to 5 startups every two months to participate in e-pitch sessions.

For its 3rd e-pitch session on July 23, INVEST’I team has selected 4 high-growth Tunisian startups looking for seed funding.

Tickets : From $200k to $500k
Sectors : AgTech/IoT | MedTech/AI | SaaS B2B | SaaS Data Analytics

Discover our selection!

TUNISIA & BAHRAIN – AgTech / IoT – Precision Beekeeping Technologies
Due to climate change, all agriculture activities, including bees colonies, are hugely impacted. Most of the beekeeping habits and practices are changing too. Beekeepers are struggling to maintain a $600B industry, the worth of annual global food production which relies on the direct contribution of pollinators.
A precision beekeeping technologies startup has been developing affordable and efficient devices that can assist beekeepers with a set of instant alerts, notifications, and to-do lists to improve colonies’ health and increase their hive’s productivity.
Thanks to its strong competitive advantage, the startup is the unique company providing such technology and operating in the MENA market and the developing countries. Thus, many devices’ versions have already been successfully tested, proof of concept units were operated in 2019 and hundreds of devices were deployed in 2020.
In a phase of expansion, the startup has just signed 3 distribution contracts for product deliveries in 2022 in Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Algeria.

1000+ devices sold for beta testing validation | Early adopters from Tunisia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, France, New Zealand, Croatia | Established distribution channels in Algeria, France, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Morocco | Pipeline: $400k | TAM: €20B | Next Step: industrialization
Raising $500k ($150k already secured)

TUNISIA – Healthcare / AI / MedTech – Optimize and create written X-Ray report automatically via AI

The startup is tackling a health inequality problem, namely the lack of radiology and dedicated laboratory equipment. The World Health Organization estimates that 2/3 of the world does not have access to basic radiology services. So, its AI-based platform provides accurate and early medical reports of common oral pathologies, as well as detects the presence of tumors and cysts from a simple standard X-ray image, to order and limit the waste of non-targeted complementary exams that are not reimbursed by insurance (scans, MRI, check-ups) and to ensure that tumors or cysts are reported quickly at an early stage. The platform also suggests and optimizes therapeutic recommendations thanks to artificial intelligence, taking into account the patient’s general condition and current medication. The service is on-demand and works anywhere, 24 hours a day so that everyone can benefit from this report in time.We have based our brand image on the contained education and the introduction of innovation in the field of dentistry.

68 paying dentists, +130 dentists in the pipeline | TAM: $11B | Partnered with Charity berline
Raising $300k

TUNISIA – SaaS B2B – Digital communication & collaboration
The solution will serve as an apps hub and a unique workstation where you can access to all your communication channels from one place used as an alternative or a complementary tool. You will have access to built-in communication and collaborative features as well as the ability to synchronize with most of the used apps to bring all your data under one screen. Our solution tends to mainly focus on user reviews to adapt, transform and develop in a way where customer well-being is the priority.Main B2B customers: Tech companies, Insurance, Telecoms, Education, Banks …| +64 users, 150 users in pipeline | TRL: 7 | TAM: +$35B | Next Step: Scaling globally
Raising $200k

TUNISIA – Data Analytics / SaaS  – Behavioral studies based on customer experience
A platform that auto-generates customized surveys, combines algorithms and ML to quantify perception and generate dashboards with KPIs (consumer persona, location, satisfaction, expectation, retention, recommendation, churn, repurchase), a comparative study and competitive intelligence to improve customer experience, benchmark competition and predict trends.

5 subscriptions | Targets: Finance, Insurance, Telecoms | TAM: $350B | Next step: Expand & implement AI
Raising $420k

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