Introducing SWEBAN, The Newest Nordic Investment Lighthouse

Special Announcment during the 2023 EBAN Annual Congress, SWEBAN!

We would like to formally announce the creation of the SWEBAN Network! Having been established on April 25th, 2024 at 15:00, the EBAN board memeber, Christine Bjärkby has formally announced its creation during the EBAN Annual Congress in Tallinn, Estonia. Their ambition is to provide a home for Angel Investors within the region and to support the growth of existing/new business angel groups within the region. It has always been a challenge for angels to find corporations within the Sweden, therefor SWEBAN wants to be a light house for the community to grow in the country

This is only the start to an exciting journey and we are excited to see what collaborations we will be working on together!


Here is an exclusive excerpt from the Angel Prize event about SWEBAN formerly known as Nordic Angels with Christine Bjärkby: 

Why are events like the Angel Prize important?

  • The event is important for several reasons. It’s essential to gather the community in SWEBAN, partly to bring together the ecosystem for earl investments, but primarily to help our portfolio companies grow with the right expertise and funding. It’s also crucial for visibility and creating role models. When so many gather in one place you can see the power of what exists out there.

How did you experience the Angel Prize?

  • I’ve been to so many events over the years, and what stood out was the number of people present, the right individuals one hoped to meet. It was great that it was standing, allowing mingling and conversations throughout the evening. What I liked the most was the sense of a large, active community of Angels, and it’s beneficial that we come together and connect beyond boundaries. 

Why is it important for angel investors to meet?

  • There are several reasons, learning, but primarily to build relationships, as we work in a trust based industry, and to learn about who can and wants to co-invest with. 

Who does one want to co invest with?

  • When deciding to co invest, it’s based on mutual trust. In specific investments, competence also plays a role. But trust is crucial. You invest with those you trust. It’s not hard to find, but many are hesitant to look beyond their own circle. I’m probably more curious and open to new challenges. 

What do you need to strengthen and support your entrepreneurs?

  • Make an ecosystem visible and provide access to the expertise needed to build companies. Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they can build a company. MAke capital visible so that time can be focused on the right things, on the company’s development. That’s what you need to do.

Where is the weak link if there is one?

  • It is relatively easy to find the first angels but challenging to find the significant capital before venture capitalists step up 

What have you learned over the years in your professional role and as an angel investor?

  • It’s been realising the tendency to chase money more than customers. Acquiring customers takes time, and unfortunately, small companies do not always have the endurance and the figures might not reflect what is being demanded. 

What obstacles do you typically encounter in your role that hinder healthy development?

  • When building a slightly larger organisation as a leader, it can be challenging to learn to let go, scale up, and delegate. You can do that in a simpler company, but when you build a larger on, it’s different

What would you like to see more of in the future?

  • I’d like to see better syndication tools or other forms where more people come together early on. We have three categories of angels, super angels, professional angels, and those who are more like individual stock investor angels. The first two are usually involved and understand what their companies need, while the last group want to invest but maybe shouldn’t. There are different associations, where super angels invest with those they know, and professionals invest in funds, etc.., and the last group is more like investment clubs, a bit more like a hobby. 

What can be done to improve collaboration among business angels?

  • Facilitate deal flows or groupings. There are several unofficial clubs in Sweden, and they look very different. There aren’t many super angels, and they are expected to take the lead. Nordic Angels is a perfect example of a tool that encourages collaboration and brings angels together to promote a better ecosystem. I think it’s important to have entities like Nordic Angels that want to take a larger role. We’re a small market in the Nordics, and we need to coordinate that. 

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