International Women's Day

On this International Women‘s Day, we are indeed proud to say that every day at EBAN is Women‘s Day! We would like to congratulate all women entrepreneurs, investors, and business angels on this special day, taking note of all the success our women members have had and are pushing to achieve in the future. EBAN has historically supported growth in women entrepreneurship and will continuously look to support women in the business angel market. Just to mention a few examples. In early 2016, EBAN partnered with Go Beyond Investing and Next Wave Foundation to launch the Rising Tide Europe programs; bringing together over 160 successful businesswomen from across 5 continents to innovate cross border angel investing. In the past year, EBAN has been proud to sponsor the European Woman Angel Investor of the Year awards, while our EBAN Space Community sponsored a “Women Entrepreneur Prize” at the 2018 ActInSpace innovation contest.
EBAN is looking forward to work in more initiatives to grow women angel investment in Europe and beyond.