We are glad to announce that yet another very successful edition of the European Angel Investment Summit was concluded on the 10th and 11th of October 2023 gathering more than 500 attendees from all over Europe and beyond! 

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Key Takeaways:

As always, the Summit was a glimpse into the future of angel investing and here you can read the main takeaways from the 2023 edition:

  1. Promoting Gender Diversity: EAIS23 placed a strong emphasis on the urgent need to address gender biases within the investment landscape and promote gender diversity. Janneke Niessen delivered a keynote that underscored the paramount importance of diverse teams in the investment landscape. She highlighted the proven fact that diverse teams consistently outperform their non-diverse counterparts, emphasising that addressing unconscious bias is essential for optimising team dynamics. Gender-diverse teams, in particular, have been shown to excel in various aspects, including decision-making, innovation, and financial returns.
    The event also saw the signing of a significant memorandum of understanding with UN Women to tackle the gender gap.The collaboration between UN Women and EBAN signifies a pivotal moment in advancing gender-balanced investment, aiming to create a more equitable and sustainable future for women entrepreneurs and investors. This partnership is a resounding call to action, stressing the importance of breaking down barriers and championing gender diversity in the investment landscape.
    Throughout multiple parallel sessions, the topic of creating more opportunities for women in angel investing took centre stage. One highlight was Selma Prodanovic, who leads the EBAN Gender Community and played a pivotal role in crafting the EBAN Manifesto at EAIS22. This manifesto continues to guide our actions, ensuring that we uphold its principles in our daily endeavours. 
  2. New Space Investing:  Being an early-stage investor in SpaceTech has never been more accessible. This puts #EASI23 attendees at the forefront of an industry that is primed for takeoff. The New Space track at the Summit provided valuable insights into the future of space exploration and innovation. The sessions showcased remarkable achievements, including a day aboard the International Space Station (ISS) by keynote speaker Christer Fuglesang while the startup pitches highlighted the entrepreneurial spirit driving the new space industry, with a nod to the CASSINI Initiative and ESA’s involvement in supporting innovative startups. The future of space exploration holds immense promise, with ample opportunities for private investments and you are there just at the right time to get involved!
  3. African Investment Opportunities: The Summit underscored Africa’s unique identity and its emerging role as a global investment destination that’s closer than we might think for EU angels. Africa’s investment market is on the cusp of taking off, presenting a prime opportunity to get in early. Notably, there has been substantial growth in the African startup ecosystem, including a significant rise in women-led projects. The event stressed the importance of bridging the gap between international investors and local stakeholders to navigate Africa’s diverse and dynamic investment landscape thanks to speakers such as Tomi Davies and Fadilah Tchoumba of ABAN among others. However, one of the most significant takeaways from the Africa track was the emphasis on not investing alone but rather with trusted individuals. These connections can be established through events like those hosted by EBAN, making the African investment journey even more promising and inclusive. The AEDIBNET project also played a significant role in shedding light on the opportunities and challenges in African investments, reinforcing the idea that the time to jump into this market is now.
  4. AI and EU AI Act: AI experts Gabriele Mazzini, Head of the European AI Act, and Angelo Dali, underscored the transformative influence of the EU AI Act on the European AI landscape. This act propels startups and investors towards ethical AI in alignment with human values and regulatory compliance. Notably, it challenges the ecosystem to evolve, thereby converting adherence to regulations into a competitive advantage. This transformation is instrumental in shaping a reliable AI-driven economy within Europe. The significance of understanding the AI Act is paramount, as it equips investors with the ability to identify potential risks when supporting AI startups, similar to any other legal framework. This comprehension serves as a safeguard, preventing investment in unethical or problematic ventures that may ultimately face prohibition within the EU, all in the interest of safeguarding citizens. Given the complexity inherent to AI, it has the potential to generate challenges for citizens. As a result, angel investors, in the process of due diligence, are compelled to scrutinise how companies align with the new AI Act, drawing parallels to the significance of GDPR legislation compliance.
  5. Cross-Border Investment: A significant portion of the event revolved around the importance of syndication and cross-border deals. The discussion aimed to simplify these transactions, tackling the regulatory, technical, and human issues that have been impeding progress in the field of angel investments. Participants recognized that an array of regulatory issues, particularly within the European Union, was making angel investments expensive and complex. Conversations also centred on the adoption of emerging syndication models and structures, providing valuable insights into what to embrace and exercise caution with. Trust-based collaborations emerged as the linchpin for success in cross-border angel investments, highlighting the paramount importance of nurturing robust relationships. The overarching objective was to make these investments more accessible and rewarding. By focusing on building quality, trustworthy relationships, angels could take the first simple step in breaking down the regulatory, technological, and human barriers that have been impeding cross-border deals.

Meet this year’s big winners! 

We would also like to congratulate the five winning startups that stood out among the 30+ companies that pitched at the Summit:

🏆 IntuitivoJoão Guimarães

🏆 Xtremely MedicalCamille O’Malley

🏆 Nitrogen Sensing SolutionsDr. Gabriel Almeida

🏆 Mantis Photonics ABJan Alexander

🏆The Carbon GamesNikhil Mandrekar

These startups have shown exceptional promise, and their recognition further underscores the innovation and potential that EAIS23 embodies. Congratulations!

What is coming next for EBAN?

As the European Angel Investment Summit 2023 in Brussels draws to a close, our excitement surges for what lies ahead at the next EBAN Congress in 2024. Set to take place in Tallinn, Estonia, in collaboration with EstBAN, the 2024 EBAN Congress vows to uphold the legacy of excellence, knowledge-sharing, and networking.

Tallinn, renowned for its dynamic startup landscape and digital innovation, offers the perfect backdrop for attendees to delve into the latest trends in angel investing and forge connections with fellow professionals who share their passion. From informative angel investor workshops to compelling keynote addresses, the Congress will provide a stage for learning, collaboration, and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.

Block your Calendar for 20-22 May and make plans to be a part of the 2024 EBAN Congress in Tallinn. Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of angel investing, provide invaluable support to startups, and actively shape the future of the global startup ecosystem.


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