Discovering Web3: Navigating the Metaverse’s Innovation and Investment Frontier

“The metaverse has emerged as a dynamic hub of innovation and investment, disrupting multiple industries such as gaming, entertainment, social media, e-commerce, and education,” stated Jess Ford, CEO and Chairman of ArrivalMeta. This disruptive potential goes beyond reshaping industries, as the metaverse also carries profound social and cultural implications, transforming how we interact and collaborate. Its development is driven by remarkable advancements in virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing. 


“At the core of Web3, there lies an immense opportunity for creation, which history has shown to be a significant economic force multiplier,” Jess Ford continued. “With decentralized transparency and ironclad security, Web3 presents limitless possibilities, surging forward at the speed of innovation and illuminating every industry with awe-inspiring potential. ArrivalMeta is committed to turning those possibilities into reality.”


In the context of the metaverse, ensuring safety, security, regulations, and education are crucial factors that drive the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies. As the metaverse expands, safeguarding users’ data, privacy, and digital assets becomes paramount. Vandana Taxali, Art-Tech Entrepreneur and Intellectual Property Lawyer, CEO and Founder of, emphasized this need, stating, “Web3 adoption requires a focus on safety, security, regulations, and education. Supporting and growing web3 companies aimed at addressing these are key to growing the evolution of the internet.” By actively supporting and investing in web3 companies, we collectively contribute to the development of a metaverse that upholds the highest standards of safety and security while empowering users with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate this new digital landscape.



Axel – Georgian Business Angel Network also shares the enthusiasm for supporting Web3 and recognises the incredible opportunities it brings for transformation, “Web3 startups provide incredible opportunities for transformation. Our team firmly believes in the immense value and positive impact that Web3 can have. We’re excited to explore the possibilities it holds for angel investors. By embracing Web3, we can open up new doors for innovation and bring about significant change across a range of industries.” Amidst this transformative landscape, it becomes essential to closely monitor the investment potential within the metaverse. While early-stage investors have shown interest and support in metaverse startups, the true long-term potential is yet to be fully realized. It is crucial to acknowledge that the metaverse is still evolving, and its future impact will unfold over time. To explore this evolving landscape, EBAN, Spatial, Arrival, and Axel are organizing an exclusive event titled “Discovering Web3: Must-Know Insights for Angels!” on June 20th at 2:00 PM CEST. This immersive event will take place on the Metaverse, specifically within the Spatial platform. It presents a unique opportunity for business angels to explore the world of Web3 and its potential impact on our lives, work, and investment strategies. By attending this event, participants can learn from industry experts and connect with like-minded investors from around the world.


The agenda includes three keynote speeches by prominent individuals in the early-stage investing and metaverse industries. Dusan Stojanovic, Founding Partner and Director at True Global Ventures 4 Plus, will share valuable insights into investment strategies, emerging opportunities, and the future direction of the metaverse. David Rose, Founder & CEO at USREM and Founding General Partner at True Global Ventures 4 Plus, will delve into the transformative power of the metaverse and its implications across various sectors. Petri Rajahalme, Partner at FOV Ventures, will provide his perspective on investing in emerging technologies within the metaverse landscape.


Secure your spot and join us for “Discovering Web3: Must-Know Insights for Angels!” 


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