DanBAN Investor Report 2022

The DanBAN member survey stands out for its ability to offer a comprehensive understanding of how private investors fund growth companies in Denmark, and it is unique in its approach to measuring impact. This is because all DanBAN members are required to participate, resulting in a 100% response rate and a survey of exceptional quality. Enforcing the reporting requirement entails losing 1-2 % of members each year due to non-compliance.

Total investment:
In 2022, Direct investments from DanBAN members of €60,6 mill. which is a new record and up 12 % from 2021. Vækstfondens BA-matching loans amounted to €18 mill, down from €19,8 mill in 2021.

DanBAN members thus provided startup and early-stage companies with more than €78 mill. in financing in 2022.


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