Apply for CobinAngels Business Angel of the Year Award

The Business Angel of the Year Award (BAY), occurring on February 15th 2021, recognizes the most outstanding, engaged, and active private investors who play a significant role in supporting the startup ecosystem in Poland. Established by COBIN Angels, the largest professional association of business angels in Poland, the award strengthens the recognition of angel investing as not only a viable way of allocating capital but also a formidable career path.

Every year, the business community of Polish entrepreneurs, top managers, startup founders, venture capitalists, and other investors, nominate the most distinguished early-stage, high-risk investors, who demonstrated their dedication to bolstering innovations and developing young companies.

The nominating process is open to everyone who wishes to indicate a private investor embodying the qualities of collaboration, business acumen, and expertise. It is also possible to nominate yourself.

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