Can You Spot All the Space Puns in This Article About Galactica?

GALACTICA is an EU funded project that is reaching for the stars! It aims to support the creation of new industrial value chains around textile and aerospace based on advanced manufacturing to infinity and beyond… AHEM, we meant across the EU.

The vision is to launch cross-sectoral innovation, to boost new out-of-this-world market opportunities, and have revenue and productivity shoot for the moon. Over 2 million people in Europe have gravitated toward the textile and aerospace sectors as their employment. But both sectors face very similar challenges in incorporating advanced manufacturing technologies as the rising star for digitalization. That is why we are over the moon to know that Galactica is helping them concur that final frontier! 

For three trips around the Sun GALACTICA has served this mission but now the project has completed its rotation. To celebrate the end of this adventure in space and time, we are organising a final event to share the skies with all of our event partners, beneficiaries, and maybe you! 

If you want to be among the starry eyed attendees that will participate in the “EBAN Impact Summit and Galactica Final Event” happening next month in Barcelona, you can take off with us here. In the event you can meet the real stars of the project, the beneficiaries, as well as learn everything under the Sun about impact investing! The agenda of the event will orbit around networking and best practice sharing about impact investing across the textile, aerospace technologies, and advanced manufacturing industries. You will be starstruck with our beaming speakers such as Sirpa Pietikainen,Finnish Member of the European Parliament, Sir Ronald Cohen, Chair at The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), Vera Elizabeth Baker, Venture Partner at Unconventional Ventures, Fernando Sandoval, Manager Innovation Hub Europe at Enel, and many more

Become a passenger upon the  “EBAN Impact Summit and Galactica Final Event” mission by signing up here – it’s not rocket science! 

We thank our lucky stars for our brilliant project partners:




GALACTICA stimulates the creation of new industrial value chains across the advanced manufacturing, textile and aerospace industries. Entrepreneurs will learn about the opportunities and innovation potential of cross-fertilization and win a total of €4 000 000 in grant capital. This project has received funding from the  European Commission under grant agreement No 872336. More information about the project can be found here: Galactica | Project (