BVB and Nomination Committee for Made in Romania select 50 companies to enter the last stage of the project invites the public to vote for their favorite

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) announces that the process of shortlisting 50 companies that will enter the last stage of Made in Romania project has ended. 25 companies were selected through the votes casted by the Nomination Committee Members while the additional 25 were chosen by the Bucharest Stock Exchange representatives.

“The competition was fierce and the selection of 50 out of 166 companies was difficult. We are proud to have seen that many great Romanian companies applied to this Bucharest Stock Exchange’s project. It is the best sign for us that BVB and the Romanian capital markets are a brand that is worthy to be associated with”, stated Lucian Anghel, BVB President.

“I am convinced that with the League of Entrepreneurs we are writing the history of the capital market in Romania” said Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB CEO.

Made in Romania now enters the third and last stage of the selection for the project when the Jury consisting of 12 Romanian and international market experts will select 14 companies that have the biggest growth potential, most enthralling business strategies and achievements so far. The 15th company will be selected through a public vote which begun on March 7th and will last until March 19th. The votes can be casted at

The 50 selected companies are:

  1. 2Performant Network SA
  2. Agricover
  3. Amber Studio
  4. Autonom rent-a-car
  5. Bilka Steel
  6. Bittnet Systems SA
  7. BlueAir – Airline Management Solutions SRL
  8. Calirom
  9. Ciserom
  10. Cris-Tim
  11. Cumpana 1993 SRL
  12. Direct One
  13. Electrogrup
  15. Elsaco Electronic
  16. Equatorial Gaming SRL
  17. Evolution Prest Systems SRL (evoMAG)
  18. Eximprod Grup
  19. Free WiFi
  20. Good People SA
  21. Grupul Artmark
  22. Hexol
  23. Intermedicas Worldwide SRL
  24. IRUM SA
  25. Ivatherm
  26. Klaus SRL
  27. Lasting Systems
  28. MBTelecom Ltd SRL
  29. Multinvest SRL
  30. NetBrinel
  31. Prutul
  32. RAAL
  33. Reea SRL
  34. RockStar Construct SRL – Piatra Online
  35. Ropharma
  36. Safetech Innovations
  37. Salad Box
  38. Scala Assistance
  39. Simartis Telekom
  40. Smartbill
  41. Softelligence SRL
  42. Symme3D
  43. Symmetrica
  44. Synchro SRL
  45. Temad
  46. Thinslices
  47. Transavia
  48. Tremend
  50. Zitec

The final 15 companies selected by the Jury will be announced on April 3rd during a dedicated Made in Romania gala. The companies will then participate in a special mentorship program which will run between April and November 2017. Every month between April and November 2017 will have a different theme, such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit or financing for growth. Based on the theme of the particular month, a number of top-quality workshops, trainings and 1-to-1 meetings will be organized for the companies’ dedicated teams/employees. Through such organization, within the 8 months BVB together with the partners will have a chance at inciting innovation and best practices at the selected companies and thus supporting their growth. The project is offered to the companies free of charge and is voluntary.

The project is conducted together with Banca Transilvania Group, Google, Horvath & Partners, Mazars and NN. Entrepreneurship Academy, InoveoRomanian Business Leaders foundation and portal are the official supporters.

Article originally published here.

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