Business Angels in the Czech Republic in 2022

Czechs are among the most skilled investors in startups. Their strategies have generally been successful so far. Almost nine out of ten investors were able to make a profit on their investment, with nearly 12% making more than ten times their investment. Two-fifths of investors consider investing in startups more profitable than other forms of investment. These are the findings of a survey conducted by investment group DEPO Ventures, which is building a unique syndicate of angel investors in addition to angel funds. The survey was also conducted in partnership with the law firm Havel & Partners and the agency CzechInvest. The aim of this fourth annual survey was to map the environment of angel investing in the Czech Republic.

Contrary to the widely accepted rule that a large percentage of startups fail, the survey suggests that investments have mostly been successful so far. About two-fifths of investors (41%) consider the performance of their investments in startups to be higher or equivalent to other asset classes. Exit has already been achieved in some of their investments by about 40% of investors, with the number of investors who sold their investments increasing by more than 10 percentage points compared to last year. Almost 86% of them sold their share at a profit. Investments were most commonly evaluated once to five times (51.4%).


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