Business Angels can’t fly, and 4 other truths by Ulla Sommerfelt.

Ulla Sommerfelt, a seasoned business angel with over seven years of experience, recently stepped up her angel investing game and met with startups and global business angels. In her latest article, she shares five crucial insights for early-stage startups pitching to angel investors:

1️. Angels Are Eager to Help: It’s not just about money; angels want to give back and offer their experience, networks, and advice to help your startup succeed.

2️. Inspire with Purpose: Angel investors are captivated by startups with a clear purpose and a focus on solving real problems for their audience and the world.

3️. Co-Investment Matters: Ulla emphasizes the importance of engaging with multiple angels and facilitating connections among them. Co-investing reduces risk, and forming syndicates is advantageous for your cap table.

4️. Believe in Your Team: At the early stage, it’s the team that matters most. Showcase your team’s strengths and coachability, and remember that a great team can work magic.

5️. Business Angels Can’t Fly: While angels can’t fly, they are here to support and believe in your journey.

Ulla Sommerfelt is a member of Danish Business Angels – DanBAN and EBAN – European Business Angel Network.

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