BAE Systems & EBAN Space Innovation Day Brought Together New Space Firms

Brussels, 31st August 2023


BAE System and  EBAN Space Innovation Day bring together cutting-edge new space firms at BAE Systems AI Labs, the historic former home of the Marconi Research Centre.

AIKO, Aquark, Lumi Space, Remos Space, ReOrbit, and SmartIR were selected to present their technologies, respectively, in unique analytics and data fusion capability, Quantum, Laser-based Space Situational Awareness, Software-defined Ground Systems and Satellite manufacturing, and infrared thermal radiation control for space and defence applications.

05 July, Chelmsford UK / Brussels Belgium:  

BAE Systems, UK’s leading aerospace and defence company, joined together with EBAN Space, Europe’s largest gathering of private angel and early-stage investors in space and space-tech on 21 June to bring together some of Europe’s most promising Space and SpaceTech firms with BAE Systems Space business.  The day delivered in-depth exchanges on the state of deep-tech topics, including quantum, space-situational awareness, optical communications and more, as they relate to the Next Generation of Space technology that BAE Systems is building.

Richly productive Snapshot of New Space Paradigm:

The six firms were selected out of 24 companies presented to BAE Systems by EBAN Space’s members, including Seraphim Space, ESA, and EUSPA, as well as its cadre of serial space entrepreneurs and angel investors.  As such, it brought together an entire eco-system of entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators, private investors and corporations for a unique and richly productive snapshot of not only what individual entrepreneurial companies are doing but also a picture of the totally new paradigm emerging for space and space-related industries and services in the world as well.

“This Space Innovation Day gave us the opportunity to meet with dynamic space entrepreneurs from around Europe in informal, one-on-one discussions to freely exchange with them about what we at BAE Systems are looking for to complete our product range and what they can bring us,” commented Elizabeth Seward , Head of Space Strategy & Future Business at BAE Systems. 

“At the same time, we also identified some areas where we can help these young companies advance quicker and better by offering them some of our technologies and services.” said John Young, Head of International Business Development – Space at BAE Systems.  “This is true ‘Open Innovation’ at its best,” concluded Seward.

“The fact that the companies presented had been not only through world class incubators and accelerators as the ESA BICs and Seraphim Space Camp, but had also been invested in by members of the EBAN Space Community, thus showing market traction with real clients, revenues, and a potential for return on investment was reflected in the maturity of the individual companies and was a huge validation for us, making it a very worthwhile event”, commented Nick Appleyard, ESA Head of Applications and Solutions Department CIC-A.

All of the six entrepreneurial companies noted that “the direct and in-depth conversations with BAE Systems senior-level technical and business executives gave us a real insight into what large corporations are specifically looking for in their potential cooperation with New Space entrepreneurs and how this can concretely translate into a win-win situation as well as how they can potentially help us achieve our goals quicker, easier, and cheaper in collaboration with them”. 

The “space entrepreneurs” also commented on the “valuable exchanges with the other New Space companies within the Innovation Showcase, where they identified and discovered possible synergies among themselves”.

“The private investor members of EBAN Space, be they Angel Groups such as UK Space Tech Angels, Rymdkapital, EstBAN (EE), DNA Cascais (PT), Cobin Angels (PL), Sophia Business Angels (FR), Angelus Funding (USA); be they Early Stage Venture Capitalists such as Seraphim Space Capital, SpaceTec Capital, Triangle Ventures— who have come together to invest in the new emerging space sector are pleased to see their portfolio companies inciting interest at the corporate level,” commented Ted Elvhage, EBAN Space Chair,   “The BAE Systems/EBAN Space Innovation Day shows that real benefit can be drawn from providing an information exchange platform at an early stage which may then lead to transformational deals for all stakeholders”.


The names and websites of the six companies chosen to present at this first Innovation Showcase are:
  • AIKO – AIKO Space is a Deep-Tech Software company developing pioneering AI Technology for the Automation of Space Missions.
  • Aquark – The company specialises in miniaturised systems for quantum technology and is building the world’s smallest cold atom system.
  • Lumi Space – Commercial satellite laser ranging for the highest precision orbit determination available.
  • Remos Space – Remos delivers software-defined baseband solutions for satellite ground operations (FI)
  • ReOrbit – Manufacturer of autonomous & inter-networking satellites for data flow needs in space.
  • SmartIR – Multispectral radiation control for space and defence applications.


For more information, please contact:

Abel Fernandez


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