ARIEES Horoscope

Aries are determined, passionate, active, and optimistic. They enjoy taking on leadership roles and making an impact, while they dislike inactivity, delays, and a work that does not fully utilise one’s talents, and – what’s that? We are talking about the EU Project ARIEES and not the zodiac sign Aries? Huh, that does make more sense. But somehow all of the above is still true! 


ARIEES (Alliance for Responsible and Impactful Investment in Eastern Europe) is an Erasmus+ Project meant to empower determined, passionate, active and optimistic people by helping universities improve: it aims to give universities and thus university students the tools to upgrade their entrepreneurship courses. To achieve this, ARIEES plans to infuse universities with crucial impact investing know-how so that the future entrepreneurs attending those universities can then use it in their journey leading their own companies. 


The project also has another objective: Enhancing the skills of the professors in universities. That way, the professors will be better equipped to communicate the aforementioned impact investing knowledge to their students in the most efficient, and fast way possible – aries do hate delays after all. In order to successfully reach this goal, ARIEES is  delivering digital education that would enable a supportive virtual class environment. This way the students/ future entrepreneurs can focus on putting all of their passion and talent in their ventures! 


However this is EBAN, and everything we do is in the vain of promoting healthy and responsible angel investing in Europe: promoting an ecosystem where enthusiastic entrepreneurs are more educated on impact investing will create more and better investment opportunities for business angels and ARIEES is determined to make that happen. That’s why, at EBAN we are taking the lead in spreading the word about ARIEES! 


🤔Maybe there is some truth in zodiac signs after all…



ARIEES is a Erasmus+ project that responds to the efforts of the EU Commission on developing impact investment capabilities into the next generation of entrepreneurs and with a particular focus in Eastern Europe Region. Thriving in the new EU economy poses imminent challenges for entrepreneurs worldwide. Dealing with exponentially growing stocks of digital start-ups (and not only) that fast-pace innovation at unimaginable speeds, entrepreneurs are not faced anymore just with a financial consideration dilemma when receiving or asking for investment. Fast paced innovations are good and needed worldwide indeed and the global start-up ecosystems are exceeding all expectations to this end. But this is not enough. As the entire world is moving towards a more sustainable & fairer business & social ecosystem, so should entrepreneurs otherwise they risk not being able to reach investment. To this end, the concept of impact investment appeared (investment in startups that produce environmental and social benefits) and it is gaining a big momentum in the startup scene. 


Project Partners


This project has received funding from the  European Commission under grant agreement No KA220-HED-8DBAFE07. More information about the project can be found here:

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