Angels Santé: Taking Healthcare Deals Cross-border

Healthcare investment is a hot topic for Angels and Venture funds alike. Though European healthcare markets are fragmented, it is a universal issue that more patient-centric and affordable healthcare solutions need to be brought to all our aging markets.

Business Angels play a key role in identifying and fueling the most promising and relevant innovations that will service tomorrow’s healthcare systems.

Angels Santé (Angels for Health) one of the largest angel groups in Europe solely dedicated to healthcare investment, has made it its mission since its inception in 2008. This French network attracts relevant experts in life science to invest in their pre-qualified dealflow both in human and animal health. They have invested in over 50 projects in the last 6 years.

“Our hundred  members are international professionals who are keenly aware of the importance of facilitating cross-border investment to combat not just today’s pandemic but also to deliver the most efficient solutions to meet our complex care systems “ says Bernard Kirsch,  president of Angels Santé.

Angels Santé is not only a reference in its field in France but is extremely active on a European cross-border level by operating the EIT Health Investor Network which facilitates co-investments between all the players of the early stage equity scene in Healthcare.

By recently joining EBAN and its healthcare chapter, Angels Santé reaffirms its mission to raise awareness and help agnostic angel networks in creating their own healthcare chapters. This will allow the promotion of their existing dealflow while attracting them to promising opportunities to ensure that bridges are built to overcome investment borders.