Interview with Angel Gambino, Keynote Speaker at the EBAN Annual Congress 2023


Angel Gambino is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and keynote speaker who is set to take the stage at the highly anticipated EBAN Congress 2023. With an impressive career trajectory spanning diverse industries such as entertainment, sports, media, music, and gaming, Gambino has developed a unique approach to entrepreneurship that transcends traditional boundaries. Her ability to navigate multiple sectors and bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving has been instrumental in her success as both an entrepreneur and investor.

One of Gambino’s notable entrepreneurial ventures is the co-founding of Sensai, an AI-powered content-generating app that has revolutionised social media marketing and engagement. Sensai empowers creators, influencers, and businesses to effortlessly create engaging and brand-aligned social media posts. The inspiration for Sensai stemmed from discussions with her co-founder, Saman, within their venture studio called Co-created. They recognised the tremendous work required to create social media content that cuts through the noise and achieves sustainable growth. Sensai leverages AI to help users identify real-time, on-brand topics to post about, easing the burden of content creation. With access to existing media libraries and insights from social feeds, Sensai pre-populates posts that users can easily edit, eliminating the need to start from scratch. Gambino’s belief in the transformative power of AI and its role in communication and content creation has made her a sought-after thought leader in the industry.

Beyond her interest in AI, Gambino finds great excitement in technology trends that foster community-driven experiences and advancements in mental health. She passionately embraces technologies that improve well-being, elevate human consciousness, and promote joy. Her investment thesis centres around making the world healthier and happier, and she actively seeks opportunities to invest in companies that align with this mission. Having worked extensively in sports, media, music, gaming, and entertainment, Gambino profoundly understands the value chain, user behaviour, and effective monetisation strategies. This invaluable knowledge allows her to guide and support the teams she invests in, helping them navigate competitive landscapes and scale their businesses adeptly.

As a seasoned investor, Gambino holds an optimistic view of the Greek ecosystem for angel investment. She sees immense potential for growth and development in Greece, recognising the country’s appeal to global talent and the opportunity for local and international collaboration. Gambino believes that Greek entrepreneurs will play a vital role in driving economic growth and emphasises the attractive investment opportunities in the current climate. She notes that investors are increasingly open to cross-border investments, which can help founders secure funding even during challenging economic times.

Gambino’s insightful perspectives and experiences make her a compelling speaker for the upcoming EBAN Congress 2023. Her keynote address promises to provide invaluable guidance for founders seeking funding and will shed light on technology trends shaping the future of business and society. Attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of generative AI, community-driven technologies, and advancements in mental health. Gambino’s unwavering commitment to positively impacting the world will undoubtedly inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Interview Questions

  1. How have your diverse career experiences shaped your entrepreneurship approach, such as working as an executive in the entertainment industry and sports? I am innately curious and love learning. Working across various sectors has allowed me to bring a fresh approach to problems unencumbered with the baggage of legacy that can block obvious solutions and more creative ways to innovate. As an entrepreneur and investor, having experience in multiple sectors has given me insights and an edge in identifying opportunities for growth and a network that allows me to build bigger faster. My investment thesis is focused on making the world healthier and happier, so having led global teams in sports, media, music, gaming, and entertainment allows me to bring more than just capital to the teams I invest in. Teams I advise and work with say they know my deep domain expertise and understanding of the value chain, users and audiences, and how to monetise them helps them navigate competitive landscapes more deftly while scaling. Emerging web3 companies are an exciting confluence of all of these sectors, so I’m excited to see how things evolve and help to make a positive impact.
  2. Can you tell us about your founder experience with Sensai and what inspired you to create an AI-powered content-generating app? The inspiration for Sensai came from discussions with Saman, the co-founder of ro in our venture studio called Co-created. There is an incredible amount of work that goes into creating social media posts and engagement that cuts through the noise and grows fast and also sustainably over time. Organic content marketing was shifting when social platforms were moving into more algorithmic monetisation, making it even more difficult for individuals and businesses to get attention on social media, even though social media was their primary channel for marketing and advertising. We knew we needed to help creators, small business owners, influencers, athletes, musicians, celebrities, and others find easier ways to identify in real time what to post about that would be on brand and convert. With access to their existing media libraries and insights from their social feeds, we could pre-populate posts so they could simply edit rather than try to keep up from a cold start. AI wasn’t where it is now, so it was much more complicated then. I’m intrigued by how generative AI will continue transforming how we communicate, curate, create, share, consume, and monetise content.  
  3. What technology trends do you find most exciting, and how do you see them shaping the future of business and society? I am excited by community-driven technologies and experiences, as well as psychedelics and other mental health technologies that improve well-being and elevate human consciousness and joy in the world. I am excited by AI across many sectors, especially in the content and creative industries. I am excited by technologies that improve economic equity and mobility. These trends contribute to my investment thesis of making the world healthier and happier.  
  4. What advice would you give to aspiring founders just starting? Always stay curious and resourceful. Fall in love with the problem rather than the solution so that you can iterate and pivot along the journey. Know that all advice you receive depends on many variables, so at the end of the day, learn as much as possible through trial and error in resourceful and frugal ways of testing and discovery. Building formidable network founders, especially those just a few steps ahead of you in your sector but not directly competitive, will help with your learning curve. This network should also include investors who have been founders.
  5. As an experienced investor, what are your thoughts on the Greek ecosystem for angel investment, and what do you see as the potential for growth and development in this area? I am excited to see how the ecosystem evolves in Greece. Everyone loves Greece, so there is an opportunity to attract global talent to co-create with local talent, similar to the success that Portugal is having through intelligent policies. Greece has seen some tough economic times, and the Greek entrepreneurs will drive economic growth. As an investor, some attractive deals are to be done right now. Investors are much more likely to make cross-border investments than before the Pandemic, which can help founders fundraise during the challenging economic climate we’re experiencing right now.


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