AEDIBNET Launches the Digital Innovation Portal

AEDIBNET, the EU project that brings together European and African digital innovators, is launching the Digital Innovation Portal, a platform that redefines connection for DIHs in the context of our modern times. A true game changer, this portal has everything you would find in other business apps and sites and then some. Check it out here!

The Digital Innovation Portal is offering a multifaceted array of services, this is a real must have “tool” equally for businesses as well as for the working public. Everything from networking and building virtual communities where innovators, investors, and DIHs can connect digitally and effectively, to providing the users with a vast selection of resources from their digital library and access to all available events.

The objective is simple, yet not easy: the wish to create a community involving Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and innovation stakeholders, offer an enabling environment for investors and diaspora networking, as well as provide these parties with a virtual space, and finally, connect the users with partners’ online community platforms and tools.

By building a digital network across Africa and Europe you can connect with various likeminded stakeholders around a common interest in digital innovation and learn from others’ best practices. The Digital Innovation Portal prioritizes fostering an African-European community and a digital innovation ecosystem, by focusing on relevant themes in society today : Climate Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Digital Trade and Clean Tech.

To take advantage of all the opportunities that this platform offers, you are invited to join the Digital Innovation Portal by AEDIBNET by going here to register on the website or by downloading the app (for Android or Apple devices) at this link. See you on the platform!

You can find out more about AEDIBNET and why this project is important for EBAN and the European angel investing community by reading this article.