ACA Angel Funders Report 2020

The Angel Capital Association has published the 2020 Angel Funders Report, a deep dive into investment trends reflecting a growing North American angel ecosystem, benefitting communities with innovative new companies and jobs. The report is based on information collected from a variety of ACA member groups, including some of the most active investing communities. The Angel Funders Report analyzes angel capital investments made during 2019, and features profiles, stories, and insights from leading angel investors and startup company executives. The report also includes initial perspectives regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the investing ecosystem.

Key findings highlighted in the report include:

  • Individual angel groups invest about $2.5M each year in 10-20 new ventures, fueling innovation and job growth throughout North America, spanning multiple industries
  • Angel funded companies raised $2B in total capital from multiple sources, multiplying their initial angel investments about 7 times
  • Seed round valuations of startup companies are holding steady, with a median of $6M
  • Women and people of color remain underrepresented as CEOs of early stage companies

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