The State of Nordic Impact Startups 2020

Following it’s 2019 report focusing on The Sustainable Development Goals, Dankse Bank has recently updated The State of Nordic Impact Startup report, this time mapping the 10 most common myths holding back the development of the Nordic Impact Space. By quantitatively analyzing 1018 Nordic impact start-ups, Dankse Bank assesses the validity of these myths as well as outlines what can be done to change these perceptions.

This exploration reveals that Nordic countries have a growing number of impact start-ups, maturing to a point where they are beginning to resemble regular growth stage start-ups. This conclusion was evident due to a number of sub-findings. Many of the impact start-ups analyzed seem to have more in common with their conventional counterparts in the same vertical than with other impact start-ups. Additionally, 98% of the impact start-ups integrate impact in their business model to enhance profit. 46% of the founders have significant entrepreneurial experience. The progress amongst Nordic impact is positive, however Dankse Bank acknowledges there is still a way to go if we are to move the needle on the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Read on and find more details inside the report.

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