StartupCity Hubs in Europe by Mind the Bridge

Research from Mind the Bridge shows that 67% of the European scaleups are located around one or maximum two cities per country. That means that the innovation economy in Europe is heavily concentrated in about 50 main hubs, while all the other cities and municipalities – that have been the backbone of the European economy traditionally – face the risk to be increasingly marginalized.
This growing gap could potentially trigger disaggregation and separatisms.
The following report is the first effort from Mind the Bridge to measure the impact of the “innovation economy” at a granular scale, in particular, focusing on the role that cities have in the concentration of innovation hubs. Most importantly, their focus lies in the analysis of the potential of development for future hubs of innovation in Europe. How to unleash such potential becomes critical for the future economic development of cities, regions, and countries.
In addition to analyzing the current “tech innovation hubs” of Europe, we go deeper in nding leverages that the current “tier-two” startup cities can use to step up their game and unleash their real potential.