Space Now Virtual Investor Forums with ESA 2020


Join EBAN Space, ESA and Euroquity in the upcoming series of Virtual “Space Now”  Investor Forums, where each session will be opened by an ESA leader sharing their insights on the transformation of the space sector.

16 selected space-tech companies will present their innovations during these Forums, with 4 winners invited to pitch at the ESA Investment Forum on December 9th, held during the European Space Week in Germany.

The Forums will take place on October 12th, October 27th, November 19th and December 3rd – register below.

Earth observation, the next frontier of space commercialization

October 12th at 17:30 CEST

Opening speech:

Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation Programmes at ESA

DeVines / 3D Aerospace

Service provider of high accuracy geolocation in connected maps

At 3D Aerospace we develop high-tech services to address today and tomorrow’s challenges. We design, develop, and create three products to provide high accuracy geolocation in connected maps. Our mapping platform (eHermes), which combines high accuracy positioning and embedded vision, is a miniaturized hardware of all the equipment deployed on a Google car. The geotagged data collected by the eHermes receivers are sent wirelessly to a cloud database for image processing via machine learning algorithms. Finally, a smartphone application is provided to our customers to visualise the digital map and its associated key performance indicators. Precision viticulture, through our brand DeVines, is our first market by providing digital solutions for workforce management, vines supervision, and vineyard management.


Satellite enabled soil moisture analytics and precision farming

We are a web/mobile predictive analytics platform for farmers and agribusinesses that want to improve field profitability and gain better field health, offering affordable and accurate field level satellite enabled soil moisture analytics, crop monitoring and simple to understand field management recommendations with up to 10 days forecast.

Sea Proven

SEA PROVEN wants to become the first ocean data provider in Europe by deploying multiple constellations of Autonomous Surface Vessels.

SEA PROVEN designs, manufactures and operates multiple constellation of SphyrnaALV (Autonomous Laboratory Vessel) in order to collect oceanic mega-data. Similar to satellites in the sea, the SphyrnaALV are 15m long, remote-controlled vessels, which each have an operational autonomy of 10 months thanks to solar and wind energy production. SphyrnaALVs can carry up to a ton of measuring equipment and make it possible to collect no less than 50 different types of data, transmitted in real time, for a cost divided by 50 compared to “classic” scientific vessels.

SuperVision Earth

Global knowledge on a local scale – what if Google Earth was weekly up-to-date?

SuperVision Earth is a startup in Germany, its first mission is to replace helicopters in pipeline monitoring with a cheaper and more efficient satellite-based system. In the long run, we are building a neural net with a massive database of diverse training data, that will be the best in the world in detecting and classifying any changes on earth’s surface – for energy, agriculture, real estate, insurance and government markets.

New Space Business and Entrepreneurship to support global challenges

October 27th at 17:00 CET

Opening speech:

Elodie Viau, Director of Telecommunication and Integrated Applications / Head of ECSAT at ESA


IBISA platform enables next generation insurance through data and technology

IBISA is a turnkey solution for mutual and insurers that leverages blockchain and Earth Observation satellites’ data to enable next generation insurance for agriculture that is digital, cost-efficient, simple and scalable.

MobaSpace SAS

Monitoring Body Attitude by Space Technologies

MobaSpace is a new Start-Up specialized in Health Information Systems based on Space Technologies. Our solution, called SySPAD, is a new smart platform combining “from-the-shelf” IoTs, Artificial Intelligence and a CNES Space Patent. Our system is able to monitor patients and to predict undesired future events regarding health states. This solution is addressed both for elderly people living in retirement institutions and for isolated people living at home. MobaSpace offers a unique value proposition to medical teams to track new data and to process health information using an innovative way for retirement institutions and related services.


OKAPI:Orbits offers an Ai-based Space Traffic Management platform for automated collision avoidance

One-paragraph description: OKAPI:Orbits is a company offering an AI-based Space Traffic Management Platform for automated collision avoidance services. The software platform is built on a very flexible and modular infrastructure and allows easy access via web interface and API from almost every programming language. Their beta software is currently tested by 30+ test-users  and will be operationally available in a subscription model from beginning of September of this year (test users include: German Aerospace Center (DLR), and multiple NewSpace companies). The team has several years of experience in Space Debris research, earned an international reputation and is a recognized supplier of ESA. OKAPI:Orbits service portfolio includes: risk estimation, orbit determination, collision avoidance, maneuver calculation, optimization and safety checks, and space debris mitigation guideline compliance checks.

Portabiles HealthCare Technologies

Portabiles is a global technology leader in Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring & Therapy Adjustment

Parkinson’s affects more than 7 million patients and will double in the next generation. It causes immobility, poor quality-of-life and finally death. After 5 years all therapies show fading efficacy and require lifelong complex medication adjustments done only by specialized neurologists. They perform a short visual gait analysis, followed by a medical gait scoring and a trial & error-based medication adjustment. The visual gait analysis by the physician is highly subjective only a snapshot. Unfortunately patients gait changes dramatically within 15 minutes every day. Therefore each adjustment cycle takes months and ends up with increasing gait limitations for patients and high burden for caregivers. In cooperation with Neurologists, patients & AI leaders Portabiles developed world`s first and only solution that automates the complete medication adjustment cycle based on objective 24/7 patient gait data. For neurologists adjustment now becomes data based and as a result simpler, better, faster & cheaper. For patients it allows convenient home monitoring, improved mobility, less falls & fear. Our solution is based on unique machine-learning algorithms andmicro-electronic sensors attached to the patients’ shoes. They capture and analyse patients movementsand gait parameters. In a second step the AI performs the medical gait scoring and finally assists/performs the complex medication adjustment. Our proprietary medical algorithms are the results of 10 years clinical research. Clinical proof-of-concept has been shown on more than 3.000 stratified gait analyses.  Pilot customers used the system and published more than 20 peer reviewed publications. A PCT application is pending (US, EU). Our first two products are medical devices and CE marked.

Boosting innovation: ESA’s support to European space start ups and SMEs

November 19th at 17:00 CET

Opening speech:

Eric Morel de Westgaver, Director of Industry, Procurement and Legal Services at ESA


The secure digital Transaction platform for Europe based on mobile messaging

We are building a secure digital transaction platform based on a mobile messenger for Europe – for agile work in the future. We believe that working and employment will change a lot in the near future. Corona has also shown us how location- and time-independent working is becoming more and more important. More and more companies want to use mobile communication to exchange information with their customers, employees or partners faster and easier. But security plays a big role, the protection of our data is especially important in the B2B sector. So we develop a DSGVO compliant solution where protection against misuse of our data is guaranteed. With our partner IOTA we build our messenger on 4 pillars: Transaction, Smart Contracts, Location Based Tracking Tools and Management Tools like Timetracking, Project Prioritization etc. We want to be the answer to Wechat in China and Whatsapp in America. Safe to protect our data in Europe, because they are the capital of tomorrow!

Glassface GmbH

This App can save Lives, makes Heroes, finds your dream Match (the easy way) & boosts your local business sales (the smart way) all in a location that really matters

Glassface is a location based service platform for social and mobile engagement in a close proximity that really matters; use all premium features for free in our support against Corona. It has multiple features that range from supporting and strengthening families and communities in normal times – but in particular during Covid-19 or future pandemics – help improving everyday life, enriching social interaction by awarding social courage and encouraging exemplary behavior. Glassface’s built-in location based help & reward-system is unique in the social media landscape. Users can post stories for to find a match / for leisure / activities or local retailers can promote their goods, as completely new marketing channel for local businesses.


You’ll Never Ride Alone

RideLink is the digital pillion passenger for motorcyclists, which ensures more driving fun and more active and passive safety to reduce the number of accidents in Germany by at least 15%. RideLink offers the customer four core functions: (1) Automatic emergency call; (2) Rapid vehicle diagnosis with breakdown service; (3) Anti-theft alarm system with live location; (4) Community based routing & tracking.


Satellite operator providing global maritime IoT-type connectivity using the new VDES technology

Sternula was started in 2019 to pursue the opportunity of providing VDES over satellite (VDE-SAT) following the allocation of radio spectrum for VDE-SAT at the ITU World Radio Conference in November 2019. VDES is the successor of the popular AIS technology, adding more capacity and better support of a range of maritime digital services.

Unisphere GmbH

Unisphere makes unmanned aviation available to all industries and the third dimension a commodity for society.

Unisphere transfers pilot know-how and aviation knowledge into software. Our cloud-based fight management platform allows all industries to operate drones and air taxis safe, efficient and highly automated. Situated in Konstanz with a team of eight people, Unisphere has launched the first software modules in spring 2020 with customers in the EU and US. Currently, Unisphere is looking for venture capital to increase market penetration and accelerate software development.

The role of private investment in space

December 3rd at 17:00 CET

Opening speech:

Jan Woerner, ESA Director General

Celestial Space Technologies

Celestial develops telecommunication solutions for space and terrestrial applications

Celestials products are telecommunication hard- and software for satellite communication. Those are a remotely configurable communication system and a compatible high gain patch antenna. Both will allow small satellites to operate under variable communication characteristics (e.g. changes in transmission frequency). The business model is focusing on small satellite (and constellation) missions in low and medium earth orbits (i.e. LEO & MEO). Companies, research institutes, and space agencies developing and operating their own small satellites are the primary customers. After market entry of the patch antenna in early 2021, R&D will focus on the development of Phased Array Antenna (PAA). PAAs will be used in mobility applications (commercial & military aviation), ground segment for broadband satellite services, and wireless backhaul in 5G networks. PAAs are widely considered as necessary infrastructure to receive the promised broadband services (e.g. internet) from planned LEO and MEO mega-constellations.

Latitudo 40

We bring together data and algorithms from multiple sources and provide straightforward information to understand our planet from above.

Founded in 2017 by 4 space industry experts and image analysis gurus, Latitudo 40 has combined the 20 years of experience of the “aged” founders to the multidisciplinary and young team which has grown to over 10 people. The team has now artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing experts, UIX specialists and business development professionals in order to bring earth observation to everyone. Depending on the specific use, latitudo 40 automatically selects the best data source and AI power processing block to automate the entire workflow and ensure clear data visualization through its internal GIS interface and dashboard. Latitudo40 is a one stop solution for satellite image-based information, easy to integrate in corporate data or IOT solutions.


Spaceit offers a single cloud-based platform for satellite operations and ground station services, allowing to reduce mission budget by 80%.

Satellite operations requires both mission control and ground station services, which can can amount to over 2/3 of a mission budget. Most current mission control software is expensive and not scalable: (1) Mission control software is developed from scratch for each satellite mission, (2) Many solutions do not support multi-satellite constellations and require highly qualified expertise. Current ground stations services do not allow for large radio coverage at an affordable price: (1) A satellite is usually connected to a single ground station network, which provides a limited connectivity, (2) Connection to an additional ground station networks requires high integration costs. Spaceit’s end-to-end infrastructure operates as a marketplace for satellite operations and ground station services, incl.


Spacemanic is an innovative company focusing on design, development and production of the nanosatellites-cubesats.

Spacemanic is a small satellite mission integrator focused on delivering innovative and reliable nanosatellite solution, platforms and components. The company is very strong in the field of design, development and testing of fundamental small satellite and their components, such as an onboard computers, power system units, communication modules, solar panels, etc. The goal is to bring simple and effective solutions thanks to our Plug-and-Play CubeSat platform.

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