Past EU Projects


AgTech7 stimulated innovation along the entire farm-to-fork food-chain by developing a multidisciplinary course covering technical and business subjects such as Earth Observation and IoT, Data Analytics, Financial Innovation and Lean Startup models.


GALACTICA project aimed to support the creation of new industrial value chains around textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing. Entrepreneurs learned about the opportunities and innovation potential of cross-fertilization and to win a total of €4 000 000 in grant capital.


THE NEXT SOCIETY project leveraged innovation ecosystems in EMEA and connected founders with European partners, facilitating transfer of know-how and access to new markets.


The DLT4All project aimed at addressing the lack of understanding regarding Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and their applications among European entrepreneurs, students, investors and incubator managers. The main output of the project is a course consisting of 8 learning modules, each around a specific thematic priority. EBAN was responsible for the Distributed Autonomous Organisations thematic priority and led the Communication and Dissemination for the project.


The overall objective of SpaceUp was to contribute at a European level to the safeguarding and further development of a competitive and entrepreneurial space industry. EBAN participated in the SpaceUp project by providing investment readiness coaching for entrepreneurs and coordinating the evaluation of the companies that received in-depth services for their business. Moreover, EBAN was in charge of the implementation of the six Space Academies taking place during other major European events.


iStart was an Erasmus+ funded project that aimed to develop a curriculum for universities and other academic institutions to teach Digital Entrepreneurship Practice in a more market/startup-oriented way. The main output of the project is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform on entrepreneurship education.


Invest Horizon aimed to boost the investment awareness and readiness amongst innovative SMEs. As part of the project, EBAN organised more than 20 investment trainings and events, mobilising over 200 investors and 70 coaches to assist more than 300 companies.


E!nnovest is a programme of the Eureka network focusing on investment awareness and investment and business readiness for innovative SMEs. EBAN participated in the project with the organization of webinars, coaching academies, and one2one mentoring sessions.


Lean In EU Women Business Angels was a project that aimed to create a vibrant EU Women Business Angels Network. The first edition of the Lean In EU Women Business Angels of the Year Prize was organized during EBAN’s 2018 Annual Congress.


10 investment forums, free one2one business coaching and webinars, 6 e-pitching sessions, 2 Bootcamps with 30+ start-ups were organised with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of Europe’s Information and Communications Technologies.


ePlus Ecosystem aimed to build a European ecosystem that will help web-entrepreneurs. EBAN has provided direct support to 431 entrepreneurs and ECN selected and disseminated 110 video pitches.


ACCESS-ICT’s core objective was to address the challenges related to access to finance for ICT SMEs and for research projects involved in Framework programmes, and to increase their overall level of access to suitable sources of finance and coaching.


TAKE IT UP was the promotion pillar of Europe INNOVA aimed at enhancing, disseminating and facilitating the uptake of the outputs developed by Europe INNOVA partnerships.


The EUROPE INNOVA – AFIBIO project focused on assessing and removing the barriers that are preventing business angels to invest in biotech and life science sector SMEs.


The project developed a training curriculum, on the one hand addressed to business angel networks in order to improve the capacity of informal investors, and on the other hand to prepare entrepreneurs to present their enterprise projects to those investors.


The EASY Project aimed to support cross border investments by business angels and early stage venture capital funds. The project brought together investor organisations across the ladder of early stage investment in Europe as a means to co-ordinate the exchange and transfer of shared practices and tools

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