Funding Space Forum with EUSPA 2021

Join EBAN Space and EUSPA in the upcoming virtual event “Funding Space Forum” opened by a panel session on “SpaceTech in Europe, what is next? Synergies between EU and angel investors” hosted by Fiammetta Diani, Head of Market Development at EUSPA; Tomas S. Jonsson, Team Leader CASSINI initiative, European Commission, DG Defence Industry and Space; Uli Fricke, CEO Triangle Venture Capital Group, CEO FunderNation; Rob Desborough, Managing Partner Seraphim Space Fund, CEO Seraphim Space Camp moderated by Fabrice Testa, Co-chairman Luxembourg Space Tech Angels and EBAN Space Chairman.

The cooperation between European institutions and private investors plays a significant role in boosting the growth and the competitiveness of early-stage companies. In particular, the European Union is now more than ever committed to fostering Space-Tech entrepreneurship in Europe through public-private partnerships. During this virtual panel session, seasoned Space-Tech investors and policy makers will discuss how we are creating the New Space ecosystem for Europe.

Five selected space-tech companies will present their innovations during the Forum: Alleryade, Krattworks, LESS Industries, Lympik, Traxit.

The Forum will take place on November 22nd at 17:00 CET.


Emergency medical aid delivery by auto-summoned drone, guided by the GNSS enabled AAA Alert

Allerayde SAB develops and markets products for allergy and eczema. Introduced Epipen in the UK in 1993, going on to develop and launch, European wide, Anapen (the first competitor to Epipen) in 2000. Latest development is AAA Alert, the first emergency alert geo-positional device for use with all adrenaline auto-injectors. On using an adrenaline auto-injector the attached AAA Alert automatically alerts the emergency services, via an Angel Centre, and guides them to the patient. AAA Alert will also offer two-way communications between the first responder and patient. This rapid and guided emergency response will save lives and reduce hospitalisations. The AAA Alert was regional winner (Finland) 2020 and finalist in My Galileo Solution 2020/21.Allerayde is now working on a product extension for AAA Alert. This will involve the use of auto-summoned drones (loaded with necessary treatments such as further supply of adrenaline auto-injectors) directly to the site of the emergency, guided by AAA Alert and utilising GNSS from Galileo and Earth Observation (necessary for optimising delivery drop off and topography for conventional emergency responders to calculate the best route) from Copernicus. The team for the project is Mike Rhodes (Lead) – Anaphylaxis specialist, Dr Eric Goodyer – Embedded electronics, Mattias Luha – Drone specialist. To achieve objectives Allerayde requires €150K in year 1 (€65K internal and grant funding already in place) to get to launch and a further €100K in year 2 of working capital. PBIT by year 3 >70%.



KrattWorks helps fire fighters to stop landscape fires before they escalate out of control by providing fast situational awareness.

KrattWorks has designed a system that provides fast situational awareness for fire fighters, security companies, search&rescue teams and police. They help first responders to detect objects of interest automatically by using machine vision on board of the drones and to share this information instantly across all platforms using mobile networks.

KrattWorks drones can detect humans, cars, location of the fire, flooded areas etc and if mobile networks are available this data is transmitted to the server and central control room while the drone is still in flight.

KrattWorks can also combine the drone aerial data with other information: like landscape elevation module, wind speed and direction, vegetation type and humidity and use AI to predict where the fire will spread. Their drones can do precision landing into a drone nest or onto the roof of a fire truck, the drones have obstacle avoidance and machine learning capability and they can fly without range limit in mobile networks.


LESS Industries

LESS is digitizing the most geographically distributed human infrastructure on earth, the power lines.



Using GNSS and IoT, we help people enjoy more physical activity and athletes to improve their performance.

Lympik has developed an internet platform that uses GNSS data and the latest IoT technology to provide time, acceleration and speed measurements as well as movement analyses for competitive and amateur athletes. All information is evaluated in real time and can be accessed immediately in a personalized way via mobile devices.

This technology is now to be made available to the masses to encourage people to be more physically active and to do something for their health on a regular basis. Ways in office buildings can be recorded and compared (climbing stairs instead of taking lifts for example).

New types of digitized playgrounds or recreational facilities can be designed using various sensors such as touch sensors, pressure mats, rollover sensors and much more. All this is intended to provide a motivational boost through comparisons with each other as well as a virtual reward system. The goal is social benefit through increased health and fitness.



Tracking platform and connected devices to enable technological solutions for P2P and fleet mobility suppliers while focusing on end-user benefit.

Traxit has developed a IoT tracking platform that can analyze and digest data from different hardware and smartphones to supply the best possible experience for end-users, avoiding fragmentation and offering mobility insurance services with a pay-per-use model. We are developing a sustainability app to offer complete carbon-footprint indexing, while encouraging adoption of sustainable habits through gamification.


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