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InnoAgora Investing Day

April 4, 2022 @ 10:00 - 12:00

Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on April 4th 10:00 CEST

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors interested in innovative ideas, to join InnoAgora Investing Day during the conference Growing Together.

Join the next InnoAgora Investing Day on April 4th 10:00 CEST

Hellenic Development Bank is pleased to invite entrepreneurs looking for funding and investors ready to invest to innovative ideas, to join Growing Together InnoAgora Investing Day, our hybrid event on Monday 04/04/2022, at 10:00am CEST.

InnoAgora is the Greek community with the goal to establish the digital place, a modern version of “Agora” that was the principal space for matchmaking in ancient Greece and become the point of reference for Greek enterprises coming from different sectors, investors, and support mechanisms to collaborate, exchange knowledge and create synergies.

The pitching session will have the typical structure of 5-min pitch / 5-min Q&A with a panel of Greek VCs and foreign investors and the opportunity for one-to-one meetings in break-out rooms.


The program is as follows:

BibeCoffee Limited | Transforming coffee machines into smart connected terminals

A great percentage of people cannot imagine surviving a day without coffee. A good quality cup of coffee at their favourite café sounds like the perfect getaway. Thus, coffee machines “work” hard to deliver high quality coffee daily. Nevertheless, the question is if the coffee served is the best one it can possibly be. According to BibeCoffee almost half of the branded coffee is being diluted by Coffee Shops as coffee machines are frequently not properly maintained. To resolve this, BibeCoffee has created a platform which allows the user to monitor all coffee machines anytime and has plenty of features to optimise the coffee experience, such as device remote management, sales forecast, and automatic ordering to coffee roasters. Their vision is to become the one-platform-aggregator
Approved by the Biggest Coffee Machine Manufacturers Worldwide | Trusted by Coca–Cola | award-winning | TRL9 | €3,5M sought to achieve commercial acceleration

InSyBio Biomedical Data-Analysis and Biomarkers

Pharma and Nutrition companies need methods to research on and personalize their products, differentiate them from the competition, increase their sales with more targeted products and get informed-marketing and -sales decisions. Moreover, Pharma companies spend millions on data analyses and biomarkers discovery process following a fragmented and inaccurate approach which requires high amount of resources. InSyBio Suite is a machine Learning-based Software offered over the cloud to streamline the biodata analysis and generate patentable biosignatures, trained prognostic / diagnostic models, comprehensive FDA and scientific journal data analysis-compatible reports and ongoing support. Unique offering for personalizing drugs and nutritional products allowing the identification of responders’ profiles and their usage for clinical research to speed up product time-to-market and target marketing to increase sales.
Revenue generating company, technology and business model proven in projects with high-caliber customers | award-winning | 11 paying customers | Trusted by Philips and Siemens |TRL9 | €2M sought to get proof of scalability

Brite Hellas | Producing transparent solar panels optimized for use in greenhouses and Agri-PV systems to help sustainable food supply

Agriculture consumes 14% of energy globally and almost all of it is based on fossil fuels. Brite’s technology product will provide clean energy in agriculture and thus will reduce CO2 emissions drastically and have a positive impact on climate change. Brite’s low carbon energy solution is a unique, patented solution that combines nanomaterial coating with regular solar cells to deliver a semi-transparent solar panel targeting agricultural applications. Their technology can render greenhouses energy autonomous, and it can be used in Agrivoltaics to produce clean energy while protecting crops against adverse environmental conditions.
Red Herring one of the Top 100 Winners 2021 | Finalist Nominated for the GreenTech Award 2020 |Brite’s Solar Glass has been labeled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution in 2021|14 paying customers | TRL8 | €4,8M sought to get Commercial Acceleration and Industrialization

PD Neurotechnology Limited | High-tech medical device company

Continuous Objective Monitoring of patients with Parkinson’s Disease in order to achieve telemedical disease management and prompt and proactive interventions, leading to improvement of Patients’ Quality of Life vs the existing treatment paradigm and cost savings for the Healthcare System. Sale as a combination of capital sales and data management subscription models targeting Hospitals, Homecare companies, Major Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device companies with treatment solutions, Healthcare systems and private payors and patients themselves.

Fully certified medical device company | Strategic agreements with major MNCs | In Sales in 8 countries | TRL9 | €5M sought to get Commercial Acceleration

Loctio | Democratizing precise location capabilities for IoT devices
IoT is moving from hype to reality and there are not doubts that billions of connected devices will change industries and influence our lives. Precise location capabilities for IoT devices are key for enabling, managing, and operating such applications and services. Nevertheless, IoT localization is a very complex matter. This is where Loctio steps in. Loctio is a deep-tech provider aimed to disrupt the value chain in IoT devices positioning by leveraging Cloud/Edge processing to furnish Location as a Service frameworks. Technology licensing (recurring revenues) to Module makers & IoT solution providers IP licensing to Chipmakers. Their competitive advantages are that their software requires 20 times less power consumption, it can be positioned even indoors, it is ready to go on existing hardware and it is edge based.

Partnered with a Chipmaker (Goodix) | Partnered with an LEO PNT infrastructure and service provider (Xona) | TRL8 | €4.2M sought to get proof of scalability

Centaur Analytics | Leading provider of turnkey IoT SaaS solutions for quality and abundance of agricultural products
Centaur develops the Internet-of-Crops®, a sustainable supply chain & waste mitigation technology with traction in 30 countries. Clients include Cargill, AB InBev, Heineken, Riviana, CBH, Growmark. We achieved cash flow positive with 60% CAGR 2020-21, on seed funds alone, and are now raising our Series A. Centaur wrapped up 2021 with a bang, closing a 7-figure contract with a leading international grain company for one of the largest scale IoT deployments in Agriculture. Overall, they recorded a 2x YoY increase in booked business. About 40% of the 2022 projections comprise recurring platform fees and backlog, and they are confident they will meet and exceed.

Traction in 30 countries | Some of the awards won are “Farming Innovation”, “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” and the “Invivo quest EuroTour 2020-2021” | 70+ clients | TRL9| €10M sought to get Commercial Acceleration | Building trusted local marketplaces for tours & experiences, across the globe
Tours booking is a broken process as on the one hand consumers cannot find authentic activities in destination and pay more money to cover enormous OTA commissions. On the other hand, providers usually do not a technical team to support existing tools and resellers can’t offer the best service. Thus, CaptainBook was founded to build local trusted B2B marketplaces for travel experiences. The company is accelerated by Demium Startups in Athens and a member of Elevate Greece. The business model for providers sought to pay less commission, increase visibility in destination and save time. Regarding the customers it offers better prices and local quality experiences and regarding the resellers they can get the commission for their sales, save time and work more efficiently

Awarded Best Tour & Activity Booking Platform – Greece by EUBusiness News |Connectivity partnership with the Redeam Inc. | 50 clients |TRL7| €250K for go to market

RTsafe | 3Dprinting, Radiotherapy, Radiation Dosimetry
RTsafe is addressing the uncertainties of radiotherapy treatments for brain cancer patients. Besides killing the cancer cells, radiation may kill the surrounding healthy brain tissue, causing severe side effects and ineffective treatment. This problem results in slow ROI for the clinics’ SRS investments and significant losses for the reimbursement systems.
To resolve this problem, RTsafe simulates the Radiotherapy treatment on a 3D printed replica of each patient’s head, ready to detect the radiation effect, before applying it to the actual patient. So, the medical team can confirm or refine the treatment plan in a totally safe environment. The clinics boost the use of SRS investments achieving better financial results (reducing costs and increasing revenues). The Reimbursement systems save the side effects treatment cost (usually as high as the cancer treatment itself. As a result, the patients gain a better outcome. The physicians gain more confidence in their treatment plans.

Medical Device already developed | ISO13485 certified | Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence awarded  | Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence awarded | 50 clients |TRL8-9 | €3M  sought to achieve commercial acceleration


April 4, 2022
10:00 - 12:00
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