Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women Shaping the Future through Startup Investing by Startup Investor Accelerator

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Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women Shaping the Future through Startup Investing by Startup Investor Accelerator

February 27 @ 19:00 - 21:00

Welcome to ‘Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Women Shaping the Future through Startup Investing.’

In this event, Startup Investor Accelerator invites you to explore the inspiring stories of resilient women who’ve shattered career barriers and are actively shaping the future through intentional investments in startups.

Join SIA for an enlightening journey through a panel discussion, where these trailblazers will share their personal experiences, challenges overcome, and the successes achieved in the dynamic world of startups.


🎤 Ana Guasch Seculi is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and educator. With a rich background as a founder and co-founder, Ana has successfully raised over €1.5 million, spearheading ventures like Robinbrick (Big Data Solution, 2017), Querida Carmen (Wholesale and Retail, Exit, 2010), ShowUsYourType (Designers community, 2006), and Ecoology (E-commerce eco-fashion, 2006). As an investor in over 25 startups, both individually and through Lanai Partner and Capital Cell, Ana has also provided guidance to more than 150 start-ups.

🎤 Sokhiba Mukhitdinova is a seasoned VC investor dedicated to supporting mission-driven Climate Tech and InsurTech startups globally. Currently, Sokhiba works as a VC investor at InsurTech NY, a platform that brings together carriers, brokers, investors, and InsurTech startups. As an Angel Investor specializing in Fintech and Climate Tech, she is a valued member of Angel Syndicates in the UK, Spain, and Portugal. Beyond her investment role, Sokhiba serves as a Business Mentor and Board Advisor, leveraging her expertise in ESG Impact, Fundraising, Investor Relations, and Expansion Strategy.

🎤 Miriam Wickertsheim, a business angel investor at Startup Investor Accelerator (SIA) Trans-Atlantic Fund, leverages her 13 years of experience in China to aid German-speaking companies with HR challenges. Specializing in Industrial B2B, she recruits for world-leading companies, focusing on Senior Management roles. Miriam contributes insights to emerging ventures and provides Assessment Services for informed HR decisions.

They will also guide you through the exploration of the entrepreneurial landscape and the crucial role women play in it. With their insights, yoou will delve into practical aspects of the startup investing process, equipping both seasoned professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs and investors with valuable knowledge.

The day will conclude with a closing moderated networking session, where we will connect and inspire each other to continue shaping the future through intentional startup investments. Connecting with our guest speakers as well as distinguished guests during the networking sessions will foster meaningful conversations and potential collaborations.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or someone exploring the startup ecosystem for the first time, ‘Beyond the Glass Ceiling’ offers a platform for learning, networking, and fostering connections that may lead to exciting opportunities in the world of startup investing.

Join us and be part of this transformative event!

Register here.

About the organizer: SIA – Startup Investor Accelerator.
Startup Investor Accelerator is a program for both startups and investors. For startups, it is an investment competition, where early-stage scalable startups receive an investment of 100-200K.
For investors, SIA is a “Learning-by-doing” program, where participating new and experienced investors exercise and learn the ropes of Angel investing.

Instructions on how to find them : Please ring the bell upon arrival and let the staff know that you are attending this event.


February 27
19:00 - 21:00
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