EBAN Institute

The EBAN Institute is an independent international research and education initiative fostering the development of business angels. It provides a centre of knowledge and a collection of resources for entrepreneurs, business angels and BAN Managers seeking to strengthen their skills and understand more about the entrepreneurial and investing community. These resources include webinars, training workshops, masterclasses and other related materials. At the same time, EBAN Institute represents an opportunity to increase knowledge in areas such as entrepreneurship and early stage investment, as well as an opportunity to exchange views and best practices with peers.

We’ve organised more than 100 workshops and masterclasses featuring top-notch speakers and experts over the last 5 years alone!

What We Offer:

For Investors

EBAN offers different types of trainings for business angels and other early stage investors during its Annual Events. We also work in partnership with different organisations to provide tailored training services for high net worth individuals and/or beginner and advanced business angels all over the world.

Take a look at the different types of investor trainings available:

– Get Started with Angel Investing

Audience: High Net Worth Individuals interested in becoming business angels and/or investors who have made no more than 2-3 investments

Training format: 1-5 days of workshops

Training modules:

Module 1: Overall Approach, Deal Flow and Deal Screening

Module 2: Due Diligence

Module 3: Valuation and Negotiation of Terms

Module 4: Deal Making and Investment Documents

Module 5: Developing Portfolio Companies

Module 6: Follow on Rounds of Investment and Exits

Module 7: (at the discretion of the workshop trainer): Local Specificities to Angel Investing

– Sector and Topic Specific Masterclasses

Audience: More advanced investors looking to receive in-depth training and acquire technical know-how on investing and/or become familiar with specific sectors like FinTech, HealthTech, CyberSecurity, etc.

Training format: 1-5 days of workshops

Training modules: Determined by sector/topic

– Tailor made

Training format: 1-5 days of workshops

Have something different in mind? Get in touch with us and receive a tailored training offer from EBAN on your specific topic of interest related to early stage investment.

Get more information on our investor trainings:


For Business Angel Network Managers

In collaboration with the EBAN BAN Manager Community, EBAN hosts workshops and training sessions for business angel network managers at its Annual Events. We offer trainings covering the following topics:

  • Launching a Business Angel Network
  • Scaling and Internationalising your Business Angel Network

Do you have a specific issue about running your network? Join the EBAN BAN Manager Community and get advice from Europe’s top Business Angel Network managers!

Get more information on our business angel network manager trainings:


Trainings for Entrepreneurs

EBAN offers investment readiness trainings for entrepreneurs through its EU projects, as well as in partnership with different innovation ecosystem stakeholders. The trainings are delivered via the “Venture Academy” format.

Audience: “Wannapreneurs” and/or early stage entrepreneurs

Training format: 1-2 days

Venture Academy Sessions:

  • Workshops on investment readiness

Training Modules include:

  • Pitching and Presentation skills;
  • Types of Early Stage Investment & The Investment Cycle;
  • Fundraising Strategies for First-Time Founders;
  • How to Make Your Company Investment Ready.


  • Pitch Dry Runs

The pitch dry run is a coaching activity where the participating companies are given the possibility to test their pitch in front of a panel of experienced coaches, who provide feedback both on their presentation and on their pitching skills.


  • One-to-one Meetings

Assigned coaches work with entrepreneurs to facilitate improvements to their pitch and presentation, focusing on investment readiness. The coaches also provide customised and detailed feedback to the entrepreneurs on their proposition, idea and business plan.


  • Pitching Competition

After participating in investment readiness workshops, pitch dry runs and one-to-one meetings, each entrepreneur makes a final presentation in front of all the coaches, who score each presentation. The company with the highest score is declared as the winner at the end of the pitching competition.

Get more information on our entrepreneur trainings:


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Are you an emerging Organisation?
We are Here To support You

Have additional questions?

Feel free to contact us under community@eban.org, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Regular Price for Angel Networks
1.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Networks
1.000€ per year*
*Networks with less than 200 members or less than 10M invested per year
Regular Price for Angel Federations
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Federations
1.500€ per year*
*Federations with less than 200 affiliated angels or less than 3 BANs, VCs, or syndicates be part of their network
Regular Price for Early Stage Funds
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Early Stage Funds
1.500€ per year*
*Early Stage Funds with less than 20M AUM
Regular Price for Funding Platforms
2.500€ per year
Price for Emerging Funding Platforms
1.500€ per year*
*Platforms with less than 20M Euros of transactions made