Compendium of European Co-Investment Funds with Business Angels

This latest edition of EBAN’s Compendium of Co-investment Funds with Business Angels is intended to assist business angels, entrepreneurs and other readers interested in the early stage investment market and learning, first of all, about different forms of collaboration between business angels and public authorities. It provides information on one of the most important incentives to stimulate and organise angel activity: angel investment funds and co-investment funds. In addition, it also aims to aid in discovering different forms of collaboration between business angels and other private players in the early-stage market.

The compendium integrates a list of co-investment funds, angel funds, and some other relevant co-investment activities identified in Europe associated with detailed elaborations in the form of case studies about some of the abovementioned, including information as well on the expected market impact and challenges faced by these funds.

EBAN is proud to announce that, this year, we have enriched our publication with two new chapters on the importance of co-investment funds to support angel investing as well as on best practices and FAQs for setting up co-investment funds.